How to Download Audio From YouTube

So, how can anyone download audio from YouTube?

YouTube is one of the biggest platforms when it comes to knowledge. Knowledge in the form of videos. YouTube is as vast as Google, you just type what you want and you will have a result. From studies, singing, dancing, songs, technology, learning playing musical instruments, and tons of stuff.

Basically, from studying to learning to exploring, youtube has everything. It has become such a good platform for new, aspiring talents without the fact for judgment, it welcomes all sorts of talents. Now, youtube has all sorts of songs. It happens that you are watching something or going from somewhere or doing anything and your ears get to hear a song and it just sticks in your mind and you can find it literally nowhere.

Neither on any music player or music app or even if you find the name of the song on Google, you are not able to get to the offline audio version of it so that you can binge on it.

Download Audio From YouTube

But if you type the lyrics or the original song name on YouTube, it is 100% sure that you will find it. Now again, YouTube has an offline version of every song but YouTube is a platform for videos but not audios and who would not want the comfort of their phone playing songs.

As well as using it or just keeping it aside and working, in that case, you would want the audio of that song but in case you don’t find it anywhere, there is always a solution.

Convert YouTube Video Into Audio File

You can convert that youtube video into audio.

Now there must be n number of apps, to do the task, but they all take up a lot of effort and there is always some bug in them that spoils your phone.

So to do the task simply, conveniently and super efficiently,

Note: You gotta be online that is you either should have an internet coñnection.

Step 1:

You gotta go to the youtube video, you want to download as audio.

Step 2:

When you open the video, you will see four options just below the video out of which you gotta click on the ‘share’ button. A pop up will appear with several options to where you gotta share the video where you gotta click on ‘copy link’.

youtube to mp3

Step 3:

Once you copied the link, close youtube, and open google chrome and go to YouTube to mp3 converter, using this hyperlink. Paste the copied link on the search bar and hit the convert button.

youtube video into mp3 download

Step 4:

It will take a couple of seconds and then, an option will appear of download. You gotta click on it.

downlod youtube audio

Step 5:

Now you gotta go to your downloads in google chrome by tapping on the three dots and clicking on downloads.

You will find the song there, and then you tap on it. A black screen will appear playing the song, there again you gotta tap on the three dots appearing on the top, in there you gotta click on ‘open with’ and then the audio will automatically get to your default music player.

Then you’ll be able to listen to that song in your default playlist any time you want.

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