How to Download Whole Playlist From YouTube

Here we have explained the best way of downloading the whole YouTube Playlist. The procedure follows for the downloading in Android devices. Users can easily view the playlist for offline in their Android phone or on their tablet.

Download Whole Playlist From YouTube

One of the best method that can be used to download a playlist from YouTube is by the third-party app. In internet, there are lots of web applications where available that allows you to download Youtube Video into MP3, Mp4, and different types format.

Same goes for this, You can use one of the web applications to download whole playlist from YouTube to your computer or mobile phone without having a hassle.

Procedure: Use of Videoder To Download YouTube Playlist

Step 1

Firstly, visit the website of Videoder in your Google Chrome. This is an app that gives the allowance for the downloading of videos in the playlist of YouTube in any kind of format.

It also includes the MP3 files and various other files of music. It is available only in website form and not in the Play Store.

How To Save YouTube Playlist

Step 2

Click on the Download App option. It is located on the homepage of Videoder. On the screen, users will get the warning message of it.

Step 3

For the confirmation of it, click the OK button. The file will start downloading it in your Android device.

Step 4

Do the opening of the file which you have recently downloaded. Users can easily find it in the folder of their Downloads. They can easily access it by clicking on the Downloads in the drawer of the app.

Step 5

Do the selection of the Package Installer on the screen of Complete Action Using.

Step 6

Click on the Just once option. If the users are having the first time of this installation, then warning messages will occur on their screen.

Step 7

Give the allowance to the apps for the installation from the sources of the unknown. If the users will get the Install option, then go for the further step. If they will find the Install blocked option, then go for the Settings option to get the security Settings.

The box which is next to the unknown sources will give the message of confirmation on the screen. Click on the OK button. Again type on the file of it in the downloads section.

Step 8

Click on the Install button. The app will now be there for the installation in your Android devices.

Step 9

Go to the Open button. It is located on the downward side of the given screen of Confirmation. Videoder will open there now.

Step 10

Do the searching for the YouTube playlist. Users can search for it from the given search bar which is at the upward side of the given screen for the performing of such functions.

Step 11

Click on the playlist which you want to download there. It will open the required videos of the playlist.

Step 12

Go to the download button. It appears as a circle with the downward side pointer in the inner form. Various lists will occur on the screen of the option of downloads.

Step 13

Do the selection of the format for your files. Click on the menu of drop-down for the selection of the files which you want to download. The Default one given there is M4A.

Step 14

Click there the Download button. The gives files on the playlist will start downloading to the file of Videoder on the Android device.

Wrapping Up

Here we have given the method by Videoder option for downloading the whole playlist. Give a read to this topic to get the knowledge for the same. Tell us in the comment section below about it. Also, get a read of our more informative topics.

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