How To Change Google Maps Voice (Android & iPhone)

Change Google Maps Voice to female to male or your own preferred voice but the thing is how you can do that.

In case you don’t know how you can change the navigation voice of google then don’t worry, Here in this how-to guide article we are going to show you a complete step-by-step process to change the voice on google assistance, maps, navigation, etc.

Most importantly, you must know that currently, Google only offers to switch different voices based on region or language. You cannot change the gender variation on google maps until now and other voice options are also limited.

Change Google Maps Voice

If you’re using an Android or iOS phone or tablet in this case you’ve to follow the step-by-step instructions given below according to your device OS version.

How To Change Default Google Maps Voice On Android

Android smartphones and tablets come with pre-installed applications owned by google including Google Maps. Google Maps uses its own voice engine. Whenever you enter a destination into Google Maps on your device you heard the female voice guiding you in the direction. For instance “Turn Left from the road”.

To change Google Maps Voice on Android follows, here

Step 1:

Open the Google Maps app on your Android device.

Step 2:

Once the Google Maps app launched. Tap on the circular icon given at the right side of the search bar.

Step 3:

From the Google Maps Menu. Tap on the Settings options given at the third last on the list of options.

Step 4:

In the Settings section. Scroll down the display screen to the bottom till you see an option called “Navigation Settings” and tap on it.

Step 5:

In the Navigation Settings, Tap on the first given option called “Voice Selection”


This will brings different voice options according to regions and countries. For example, you can select “English US” or “English UK” in this voice assistant who speaks English but with a different accent.

If you’re from are from another country and wanted to set up your country language you can easily do it from here.

Now, next, when you will use Google Maps on your Android device the Voice assistant will speak in the language you’ve selected.

Change Google Maps Voice On iOS Devices (iPhone & iPad)

Google Maps application on the iOS device does not use its own voice engine, unlike Android devices. In iOS devices, Google Maps relies on the text-to-speech features and language settings that come with the iOS operating system.

So, to change the Google Maps Voice on iOS you have to change the language on your iOS device.

Making this change will affect all the voice apps installed on your iPhone or iPad. Most importantly the choices will be limited to the single region or language that you select.

To change the Google Maps Voice on iPhone

Step 1:

Go to Settings on your iPhone. After that Tap on the General option.

Step 2:

Now choose the “Language & Region” option from the available options to access language settings.

Step 3:

To change the voice, tap on the option called “Language” for example “iPhone Language “.

Step 4:

From the languages, the list selects the language that you want to set on your iPhone or iPad. And then hit “Done”.

Now, next, when you use any voice app on your iPhone or iPad you’ve to hear the voice language that you’ve selected from the above steps including the Google Maps app.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]:-

How do I change the voice on Google Maps assistant?

Choose a male voice from the ones that are offered. After closing the Assistant Settings, launch Google Maps. Open Settings by tapping on the profile (account) picture. Navigate to the settings. choice of the open voice.

Does changing text-to-speech settings change the voice on Google Maps?

The voice that you hear in the Google Maps app doesn’t appear to be affected by changing the text-to-speech parameters. Instead, Google Maps creates spoken directions and trip warnings using its own voice engine and language settings. You must first open the “Google Maps” app and then tap on the circular account symbol in the search bar to update this.

What is the default voice for Google Maps Navigation?

For instance, a voice of your choice is a male voice, and the Google Assistant is set to English (US). In that instance, Google Maps’ navigation will by default use the same voice. You’ll hear a female voice, though, if you choose English (US) in Google Maps’ settings. English (US) must be set as your system’s default language as well.

How do I change the language on Google Maps on Android?

Instead, Google Maps creates spoken directions and trip warnings using its own voice engine & language settings. You must first open the “Google Maps” app and then click on the circular account symbol in the search bar to update this. A Google Maps menu will then appear. Tap the “Settings” menu item from here.

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