How To Cancel Amazon Prime Video (Phone, Computer, SmartTV)

Searching for how you can cancel amazon prime video subscription. Well if you’re looking for easy to learn or understand guide to cancel amazon prime subscription.

Don’t worry, here we guide you on how you can easily cancel Amazon Prime Video membership on different platforms such as iPhone, Android, SmartTV, Windows, Mac, etc.

The situation can occur when the users need to cancel their Amazon Prime video service. When they don’t want the subscription usually this situation occurs. Users can easily cancel the subscription on their mobiles as well as on their desktops.

How To Cancel Amazon Prime Video

Here are the steps available for canceling the Amazon prime video on your devices:-

1. Cancel Amazon Prime Video On Phone (Android & iPhone)

Step 1

Firstly, open the Amazon app on your phone. Click on the icon of Amazon which shows the logo of the cart of shopping on it.

Step 2

Now click on the three lines option. It appears as the icon of the three-line which is given on the upward left side to the corner of the given screen. It will show the menu there.

Step 3

Go to the option of Your Account. Users will get the option that is there on the upward side of the menu.

Step 4

Click on the Manage Prime Membership option. It is located at the option of Account settings of the given menu.

Step 5

Do the logging into the Amazon account. Enter there the E-mail address and also password when asked. Also if the login of the account is saved there, users still have to click on the Sign-in option.

If the users are using the iPhone with the use of Touch ID they may be asked for the scanning of their fingerprints there.

Step 6

Move a bit downwards and then click on the option of End Trail and Benefits. This option is located on the downward side of the given page. It will take the user to the start of the confirmation for the cancellation.

Step 7

Scroll the screen and then go to the I Do Now Want My Benefits. It is located on the downward side of the given page. If the users don’t have this option, then they can skip it.

Step 8

Move your screen a bit more down and you will find the End Membership option. It is on the downward side of the given page.

Step 9

Now go to the End on option. It is located at the center of the given screen. It will do the cancellation of the membership of prime of the given auto-renewal which is at the endpoint of the cycle of current billing. The membership of the users will get terminated.

Step 10

Users will also get the option there of End Now. By clicking on this option, it will get the allowance for the ending of the Prime Membership. The refunding will be done for the cycle of billing payment of the current type.

2.  Cancel Amazon Prime Video Subscription On the Desktop

If you purchase an Amazon Prime Video subscription through your Mac or Windows computer. In this case, follow the given below steps to cancel the subscription plan.

Step 1

Firstly, open the page of Amazon Prime cancellation. Users can open this page on their web browser of the computer. It will take them to the page of End Your Amazon Prime Membership.

Step 2

Go to the option of End Membership. It appears as the yellow color button on the upward side of the given page. It will take the users to the sign-in page.

Step 3

Do the logging in of the Amazon account. Enter there the email address as well as the password and then click on the Sign-in option. It will do the verification of the account.

Step 4

Go to the Continue to Cancel option. It appears as a yellow color button which is at the downward side of the given page.

Step 5

Now do the ending of the Prime Membership of your Amazon. Users will have two choices here. They can either click on the End Now option. It will do the cancelation for Prime.

While the other one, End on will allow the users for continuing with the use of Amazon Prime until it gets renewed.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]:-

How do I cancel a subscription through Amazon Prime?

In the bottom right corner of your screen, next to “Lists,” click “Account.” Under “Account Settings,” scroll down to “Manage Prime Membership,” and tap it. Once you’ve selected “Manage membership,” select “Update, cancel, and more.”

How can I find all my subscriptions?

Google Play offers the same options for Android users. To access a list of the services you have subscribed to through the Play store, tap your profile icon inside the app and choose Payments and subscriptions > Subscriptions.

How do I cancel a debit card subscription?

The card issuer can be notified by phone, email, or letter. Your credit card provider has no right to demand that you contact the business accepting the payment first. If you order them to stop, they are required to do so. The card issuer should look into each request for a stop payment on its own merits if you make one.

Will changing my credit card number Stop Auto payment?

Since credit card providers now instantly update charges to your new credit card, changing your credit card won’t actually stop the charges. You can ask your credit card company or bank for assistance if you’ve attempted to cancel a subscription service without success.

Wrapping Up

I hope this information made the readers understand how they can cancel their amazon prime video on their different devices. Give us feedback in the comment section below. Also, read our more topics for more info.

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