How To Screen Record On iPhone XS Max

Wondering how you can record the screen in your iPhone XS Max? or we can say methods to screen record on iPhone? Here in this article, we have provided the complete information required to record the display screen on iPhone without having a hassle.

How To Screen Record On iPhone XS Max

Users can easily record the screen on their iPhone devices by the use of the recording ability on their iOS screen. It is the best way the recording the screen.

Here are the steps explained for the recording of the screen in iPhone XS Max-

Procedure: Use of QuickTime Player on Mac

Step 1

Firstly, begin with the opening of the QuickTime app on your Mac device. Make sure that this method is compatible only with Mac.

Step 2

Now go to the File option and then open the New Movie Recording option.

Step 3

Do the connecting of the iPhone XS Max with that of the Mac.

Step 4

Take the iPhone device as the camera. The changing of the time will be there on your iPhone along with the cellular reception along with the full bars of Wi-Fi.

Step 5

Now do the starting recording. Go to the red circle in the center for beginning it.

Step 6

As the recording is completed, stop it. Select the stop button shown at the center.

Step 7

Do the exporting of the recording. Visit the File and then Export to export it.

Procedure 2: Use of Control Center

Step 1

Begin with the opening of the control center. On the downward side of the given screen, you will find the option there. Users can also slide the screen down to the top for opening it.

Step 2

Click and do the holding of the button for screen recording. It appears as an icon of grey with circles of white in the middle.

Step 3

Now go to the icon of the Microphone. The toggling will be there which will include microphone audio along with the screen recording.

If there is an outline of the microphone icon in red color then the audio in the iPhone‘s microphone will be there as captured in the recording of the video.

Step 4

Click on the Start Recording. The countdown will begin there on your screen. It will show the red for the signal at the beginning of the screen recording on the notification bar on the upward side.

Step 5

Go to the Home button and press it for exiting the Control Center. Users can now open other apps for using them as the screen is now in recording mode.

Step 6

Again open the Control Center as to when the recording gets finished. At the time when you want to stop the recording of the screen, swipe from the downward side to open it.

Step 7

Click on the camera option for the stoppage of the recording. The circle there as in the button of screen recording will turn to red other than white for the indication that the recording is going in progress.

For the ending of it, the notification will occur on the screen about the Screen recording video that is saved to the Photos.

Things To Be Noted

For the recording of the screen in the device iPhone XS Max, users have to actually launch the Control Center and then click on the icon of the screen recorder. It will at that time start the countdown for the recording.

It will not record the passcode, various information, or the password of Apple ID. Therefore, users can easily record here.

Everything which occurs on the screen will be recorded there. Users can enable the do not disturb option for the prevention of notifications.

Make sure that your screen of the phone is unlocked in the form.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]:-

How do I record my screen with sound?

If you wish to capture the entire screen, hit “Windows,” “Shift,” and “F” simultaneously. To begin screen recording, either click “Record,” or press “Windows,” “Shift,” and “R” simultaneously. When finished, click “Stop” to end the recording.

How long can you screen record on your iPhone?

The length of a screen recording on an iPhone is not time-limited, based on the official blog. It is dependent on the battery and storage. If your storage is full, you can record for a very long period. However, many iPhone users have claimed that automated recording termination after three to four hours has abruptly halted.

Does iPhone 11 have screen recording?

You must first add the button for the new iOS 11 screen recording capability to Control Center before you can utilize it. To access More Controls, open Settings, then scroll down to Control Center. After that, you must press the green + icon to the right of Screen Recording.

Wrapping Up

I hope this information made the readers understand how they can do the screen recording on their iPhone XS Max device. Tell us feedback in the comment section below. Also, read our more topics for more info.

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