How To Turn On Track Changes In Word

Searching for how you can turn on Track Changes in Word?  Let’s discuss it on this page.

What is Track Changes in Word

Track changes feature can be easily performed in Ms. Word through the type of redlining which is best for the indication of removing the text and even adding it there. The changing of font or the strike of it can be easily performed there.

The track changes are best for the editing of a large scale and also giving there the feedback where it is best suitable for the documents of smaller types and also along with the different types of versions in your MS Word.

The Necessity Of Track Changes

Track Changes is the required tool in MS-word which gives the allowance to the users in showing IP the changes, comments, or various types of markups that can be done on the document.

It is much useful for the sharing of the documents with another required person as it gives the allowance for the changes that the users want to make on it. They can also do the rejection of the changes that they have done to the document.

As the communications share the Word documents which include contents of the website with the person that is across worldwide and also asking then for the use of Track Changes for editing as well as the making of queries.

It will also give the allowance of a clear view of edits that are done and also speed up the amount that users spend editing the pages of the web.

Performing Edit With Track Changes

When the switch of Track Changes is in on position, then users will be able to get the view of deletions, changes of formatting, along with insertions on it.

The word shows the editing of text along with the marks of revision which is known as the markup that will get the view of strikethrough or the underlining of it.

Each of the reviewers comes in a different form. The color will show the allocation by the word. Users can’t get the specific types of color for the reviewer and also the change will be there from different machines.

Details of the change will occur on the balloon on the margins of the right side. The balloons will occur on the print layout view only.

Adding The Comments In Word

Users can easily create the notes along with the annotations on the given document. These are the comments and will occur on the balloons on the right side. For adding the comment, go for the text and then do the selection of the Insert Comment button.

For deleting a comment, do the right-clicking on the comment there and then choose the option of Delete Comment.

As for the editing of a comment, the option of Reviewing Pane will work for it.

Displaying Of The Tracked Changes

Users can get the view of the toolbar of Reviewing to allow Word for telling how to get display the tracked changes there. Go to the arrow on the downwards side at the box of Display for Review. It will show the four options:-

Final Showing Markup

It will show the users how they will get the look of the document if they will accept the tracked changes there.


This shows what the users want in the final document without the option of visible markup. It will not do the removal of the changes, it will be there as part of the document as to when the users will accept or reject them.

Original Showing Markup

It shows the look of the document when users will do the rejecting of the tracked changes. Insertions here will be shown in the balloon.


There is a display of words in the form of the original text without the use of markup. Changed also will be not in the removed form they are in actual hidden there.

There are printing tracked changes too. Various options are there for the printing of it which will be there by the use of List of Markup.

Turn On Track Changes In Word

Here are the procedures for turning on the track changes in MS word:-

Procedure 1

Step 1

Begin with the opening of the document which you want to edit in your MS Word.

Step 2

On the given toolbar on the upward side of the screen, click on the tab Review. It includes various tools which will help with the editing and checking of the spell. The feature of Track Changes is also there.

Step 3

Click on the given button of Track Changes the enabling it. It will do the placing of the red line in the given margins for the editing of the text.

It will also do the displaying of the added text which is red in color. Users can also do the turning on the Track Changes by pressing the keys of Control+Shift on the keyboard.

Step 4

Now open the menu of drop-down from next to the button of Track Changes. It will allow the users to select how the tracking is advanced for them.

Step 5

After that do the selection of the All Markupoption. It will show the replacement or the addition of the text of the red color. Also, it will add their comments on the side of the right hand which will show the type of actions performed. The different options that are shown there are Simple Markup.

Step 6

Go to the Show Markup option in the given menu of the dropdown. Here users can easily select the elements of Track Changes.

Step 7

Do the highlighting of the text there and then click on the New Comment in the section of comments of the given toolbar.

Step 8

As the time users will do the deleting or adding of the character, MS Word will take the vertical line of text where the editing was done.

Step 9

Click on the Accept option for saving the changes.

Procedure 2

Step 1

Begin with the opening of MS Word on your PC.

Step 2

Now do the choosing of the tab of Review which is shown on the upward side of the given document.

Step 3

Now if the users have a PC device then go to the button of Track Changes or if they have Mac then go for the switch of Track Changes.

Step 4

As it is done, perform the All Markupfrom the menu of the drop-down which is next to the track changes bar.

Step 5

As the turning of the Track Changes is done, users can now start the document editing. They can easily perform the changes which they want. The text will be shown in the bar of grey on the left side of the text which you changed there.

Step 6

As when the users will Add text there, it will appear in different types of colors.

Step 7

If the users want to turn off the Track Changes, then take the button in the Off position.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]:-

Why can’t I turn on Track Changes in Word?

If “Track Changes” inside the Word menu bar is greyed out, the document may have been locked to prevent changes from being made. In this situation, removing document protection is necessary before you can track changes in Word.

How do I turn on Track Changes?

Turn on Track Changes to display changes made to a document, and utilize Show Markup to showcase the specific types of changes you want to see. To enable it, choose Review > Track Changes. Make changes to your document, and Word will record all of them. To disable it, choose Review > Track Changes.

Does Word track changes automatically?

Simply edit the document as you normally would start making changes, and Microsoft Word will log each change you make. Press save after you have completed modifying the word document, then send the revised version back to your teammate or colleague for evaluation.

Wrapping Up

I hope this information made the readers understand track changes and how they can turn on the Track Changes in MS Word. Tell us feedback in the comment section below. Also, read our more topics for more info.

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