How To Turn Off Keyboard Light

Searching for how you can Turn Off Keyboard Light of your computer? Well, don’t worry, here we can guide you in a step by step instructions to turn off or on keyboard lights without having hassle.

How To Turn Off Keyboard Light

We will be discussing here the keyboard HP. Users can actually turn on the light of their keyboard by pressing the function key of F5 on the keyboard of the computer.

If the laptop has a backlight that is not turning on, then users have to perform the resetting of the backlight by doing a reboot for it.

Here are the steps explained for it:-

Procedure 1: Turning The Light On

Step 1

Begin with plugging the computer into the charger. In most cases, the keyboard of the computer the keyboard keeps in the off position until the users plug the charger into it. Users can easily solve the issue by plugging the computer into the charger.

Step 2

Do the search for the key of Backlight. It is always there in one of the required keys of functions. Mostly in case, it is F5 which is on the upward side of the keyboard. It has a symbol that shows the three types of dots there.

Step 3

Press the key of the backlight for a few moments. If the keyboard of the computer is in use for the keys of functions features of hardware at the time of pressing it, then it will work as the key for the brightness of your keyboard.

Step 4

Users can also give try the key of Backlight while they hold the key of FN. It may change the brightness of the keyboard. Users will have to do the pressing of the key of the backlight for a few moments for all the options of brightness.

Step 5

Take the proper check that your keyboard of yours has the feature of a backlight or not. Not all laptops of HP have the features of keyboard light on them.

If the users are unable to form of finding the backlight of the keyboard then get for the checking of the manual of your computer or the documentation in online type for the availability of the backlight of the keyboard.

Procedure 2: The reset Of The Malfunctioning Light

Step 1

Take the proper check that your device of laptop has a removable battery in it. Users can perform a hard reboot on their computers the solving the hardware issues in potential form.

As users can do the technical removal of the battery on the versions of the sealed type. It requires various components for removing that are not safe for your devices.

Step 2

Do the remove the cables or the items of USB from the computer. It will include USB flash drives, charger cables, speakers, and even many more.

Step 3

Now turn off your computer. By going to the Start button click on the Power option and then Shut Down from there your computer.

Step 4

After that, remove the battery of the computer. Do the flipping of the computer and then push the switches in the compartment of the battery. Take out the battery from there in a safe way.

Step 5

Press the Power button for a few moments. It will do the residual power there which is left discharging of the computer.

Step 6

Now put the battery back in it and then do the closing of the compartment. At this time, turn the computer On.

Step 7

Do the turning on of the computer. Press the power button again for turning on.

Step 8

Give it a try turning on the backlight. Now as the users have done the reboot on the computer they will be able for the checking of settings of brightness for the keyboard. The process is now finished.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]:-

Is there a way to temporarily turn off the keyboard?

Click Ctrl+Alt+L to lock your keyboard. When the keyboard is locked, the Keyboard Locker symbol changes to reflect this. The majority of special keys on media keyboards, function keys, Caps Lock, and Num Lock are all currently disabled.

How do you lock and unlock your keyboard?

Simply select the “Lock Keyboard & Mouse” option to lock your keyboard, and it will do so in five seconds. You must simultaneously hit CTRL, ALT, and DEL to unlock your keyboard and mouse. After that, simply press the Esc key to release the lock.

How do I unlock my keyboard on Windows 11?

Filter Keys can be disabled from the Control Panel.

Alternatively, you can launch the Run program by simultaneously pressing the Windows + R keys on your keyboard. The Control Panel will then appear on your screen once you put control into the text box that is visible on the window and press Enter on your keyboard.

Why is my Microsoft keyboard not typing?

Try plugging the keyboard back in after unplugging it first. Change the USB port where the keyboard is plugged in. Try unplugging your keyboard from any USB hubs or switch boxes it may be in and plugging the keyboard directly into the computer. Unplug any additional USB devices you don’t need right now.

Wrapping Up

I hope this info made the readers understand how they can turn on the light of their keyboard. Tell us feedback in the comment section below. Also, read our more topics for more info.

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