10 Best Free Live TV App for Android

Searching for the free live TV App for Android devices. Here we have listed almost all free live tv apps for android devices. You can directly download these apps from Google Store without having a hassle.

1. Exodus DGT Live TV App

This is one of the best apps for watching live TV for free. The interface of this app is fresh and good for its use. It is free though includes ads in it. The ad-free version is for the paid types. It is best developed as the app of Android IPTV. Streaming of the contents here is from the USA.

Exodus Live TV App

As well as from the UK which has the News, Entertainment, Movies, Religious, and many more. The buffering here is at a low rate. Account made here is free. There is no need for the sign-up. The full HD quality support is there. The user interface here is in the simplest form along with navigation in the best type.

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2. TVTap Pro

It is known for the popular streaming of live TV, along with the show and movies. They give the services of 150 channels from various countries of the US, and the UK along with the subcontinent of India. It provides the best features of steaming in the seamless forms to the users on their devices.

TVTap Pro

They can do the filtering of shows through the Year, type, genre, and Rating. It doesn’t require the logging in of any type of account. Also, it is easily available on the website for downloading n the form of Apk instead of going to the play store. It shows the screen in the best way along with the proper display. Also, it is there for the Android box and by the FireStick.

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3. Genius Movies – Live TV App

It gives the allowance to the users in watching Live TV which includes movies, sports along with television views from the US, UK, France, and even many more. Many types of channels are there in the display of HD form. Users can watch the various kinds of entertainment channels from the countries, of France, Europe, India, and many other American Countries. There is full support of multiple players.

Genius Movies & TV

No need for subscription is there which means there is full live TV. There are channels from more than 10 countries with the sports of Bein. It has smooth work on all types of generations i.e., 3G, 4G, along with the wi-fi networks. There is no requirement of any type of registration and none of the membership is required for it.

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4. YouTube TV App

It is placed at the upward content and it has the various connected networks of different types. There is the offering of the service which is with the Cloud DVR that is without the DVR space limits of storage. It has the accounts with the login of individual type.

TV App YouTube

The best offering here is of the more than 60 channels which are from the country of US that can be directed there for the streaming of the Apple TV or the phone without the use of the box of cable. Users can also access the top content which gives the networks on the TV app.

There are the best sports channels here from the Olympic channel, NESN, NBA TV, Tennis Channel, and even many more. The entertainment and News are of BBC America, Freeform, BBC News, CNBC, and even many more types.

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5. SonyLiv App

It is best made by Sony India and has the delivery platform of content in a specific type. The working of this app is in the model of the free type which gives the allowance for the watching of the movies along with the shows of the TV with various types of advertisements.

sonyliv app

If users are in demand for more types of content, then they can go for the Liv Subscription. Various other best things about this are the sports programming are there of Football WC, EPL, NBA, and even many more for full free service along with other types of sports of life. It has rights to all types of Movies that are in distribution by the Sony and also gives the streaming of Live TV of various channels of Animax, Sony movies, and even many more.

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6. Ola TV App

If the users are in need of live content of the US, then this app of OLA TV is the best for it. For the streaming of direct from the Television stations from Canada as well as from the USA direct on your Smartphone. Users can also get the channels of TV from the countries of Germany, the USA, Spain, or from Italy.

Ola TV App

It includes various topics of movies, religions, music, and even many more. It has the design of different types which includes a few adverts there. Users can easily get access to various popular channels of the country of the US and also outside of the USA. There are various forms of streaming of the library here.

App here will not only do the hosting of the channel of only the country of the USA but also from the country of Europe too.

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7. AOS Movies & Series App

This is the free live TV app which allows the users to get the free watching of the channels on the supported devices of Android. It has claimed that there are more than 100 channels of the host. Interface here is much simpler for the channels in favorite forms which allows the users to watch whichever they want. There are multiple forms of links available for it.

Aos Movies App

Users can easily watch the live TV here from the countries of the US, India, UK Australia, South America, and even many more. Users can also get the streaming of sports in live from across worldwide. This is the easy way for the use of the app in the quickest way which everyone requires.

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8. NetTV Plus App

It is the most popular form of Live TV,  for the showing of various forms of TV shows along with movies. There is a host of 700 channels and even more for many forms of countries that have India, Turkey, the US, the UK, and much more. There is High-quality streaming of support in live form. The movies have VOD in them.

free TV app

Support for full Chromecast is there. There are various categories of the channels along with the genres of it. The support of the external type of video player is there in a large number of it. Videos here are totally free to watch. The interface is so simpler to access here. The filtering of the channels is best in comfort according to it.

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9. Yupp TV Live TV App

This app gives the best competition to the Jio TV app when the situation is for the services and for the streaming of live TV. They do the best service in the streaming of the live channels and also giving the catch up in the recorded form of the episodes of previous types.

yupp tv app

Users can enjoy these services for free and also they will get the bonus of sign up along with the freebies. The various advantage of program referral along with the shoes of the TV for full free service. It comes in various forms of languages and is applicable only to India.

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10. Hotstar App

It provides the contents of international services to the best. The app has the freemium model where there is free content including the Ads. It has various types of live content which also offers a bucket of 60 channels and even more.

hotstar app

They all are in owning by the Rupert Murdoch’s21st Century Fox. There are various kinds of live shows along with the best movies of Bollywood as well as Hollywood.

Wrapping Up

I hope readers understand about the best free live app for android devices. Tell us as feedback in the comment section below. Also, read our more topics for more info.

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