Transfer WhatsApp Messages From Android To iPhone

Searching for the procedure of how you can transfer the WhatsApp messages of Android to iPhone?  Let’s discuss it on this page.

The situation can be there as people may have purchased a new iPhone. In it, you just want to get the transfer of WhatsApp from your Android.

Transfer WhatsApp Messages From Android To iPhone

Here is the explained procedure of how you can transfer WhatsApp on your iPhone device from Android:-

(Procedure 1)

Transfer Chats Of WhatsApp With The feature Of Changing Account

Step 1

Firstly, do the changing of the SIM card from the Android and then connect a new one there. Take the proper check that both numbers are inactivation.

Step 2

Now, do the launching of WhatsApp by going to the Settings option. In that, go to the Accounts button and then click on the Change Number option.

Get the proper read of all the instructions there for the switching of the numbers on WhatsApp and then click on the Next button.

Step 3

Type there the existing number as well as the new number in the required fields and then move further. The unique code will come on the original number which you have to verify.

Step 4

Later on, users can easily take the backup of the local storage from the given new number and then easily can cover it to the iPhone device. Make proper sure that you are using the new SIM on your iPhone device.

(Procedure 2)

Transfer WhatsApp Chat In A Single Process

Step 1

Do the launching of the MobileTrans on the Mac or in the Windows System and after that do the selection of the WhatsApp Transfer feature in it. Then do the connection of the Android to the iOS device into the computer.

Step 2

Now at the given sidecar, do the selection of the feature of WhatsApp and then go to the Transfer WhatsApp Messages option from it.

Step 3

There will be the automatic detection of the devices that are connected there and there will be the marking of the destination or the source. If the placement slightly gets the issue, then users can click on the button of Flip.

Step 4

After taking the proper check that the destination device is the iPhone, users can go to the Start button. It will do the transferring of the WhatsApp chat from the Android device to the iPhone.

If the users are using previously the WhatsApp on the iPhone device, then the data which is in the existing form will be deleted.

Step 5

The transfer of the chat on WhatsApp will be done. As when it will get finished successfully, users will get a notification so that they can easily remove the devices.

Step 6

When the users will launch WhatsApp on their iPhone devices, it will the automatic detection of the transferred data in a new form. It will be restoring it to the device of iOS.

( Procedure 3 )

Transfer WhatsApp Messages From Android To iPhone With Email

Step 1

Do the launching of WhatsApp and then open any of the conversations there whichever you want.

Step 2

Now click on the More option that is available on the upward side and then go to the Email conversation.

Step 3

Users will be asked if they want to do the including or the excluding of the media files attached there. There is a recommendation that whether to exclude it as the Email servers have 20 MB as in limit.

It will do the opening of the compose interface of Gmail with the file of text attached that will have the WhatsApp chats in it.

Step 4

Afterward, users can access the email account on the iPhone and can do downloading the chats for viewing them whenever they need them.

Things To Be Noted

  • For having the proper copy of the WhatsApp chats it is truly recommended to have a backup of it. It will keep the full copy of the chats on WhatsApp.
  • Also, various tools can do the transferring of WhatsApp chats from the Android device to the iPhone. Take the proper check that the user gets the review of such tools.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]:-

How do I restore WhatsApp backup from Google Drive to iPhone?

Restore with iCloud Backup may be found under Apps & Data in Settings. Use your Apple ID to log in here. After logging in, choose WhatsApp Backup and other files from the list of iCloud backups accessible by tapping “Choose a backup.” On your iPhone, tap Restore, then wait as the files download.

Why is it so hard to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone?

Because of the way iOS and Android’s backup mechanisms operate, WhatsApp is unable to transfer chat data between operating systems. On Android, WhatsApp backs up its data using Google Drive, whereas, on iOS, it uses iCloud. Because of this, WhatsApp data cannot be synced between Android and iOS.

Can I transfer WhatsApp backup from Google Drive to iCloud?

My experience suggests that Google Drive is the best option for backing up WhatsApp messages on an Android smartphone, however iCloud cannot decrypt Google Drive’s encryption methods. As a result, moving your WhatsApp data from an Android to an iPhone is just not possible.

How do I retrieve my WhatsApp messages from Google Drive?

using a Google Drive backup to restore

Make sure the Google Account where your backup is stored is connected to your new Android smartphone. Install, launch WhatsApp, and then confirm your phone number. When prompted, select RESTORE to retrieve your Google Drive chats and media. Tap NEXT once the repair process is finished.

Wrapping Up

I hope this info made the readers understand how they can transfer the chats of WhatsApp from the Android device to the iPhone.

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