What is Petanque Game [Explained]?

What is Petanque?

Petanque game is a French game that is played outdoors. It is played by two teams that give a try in throwing the boules.

These boules are of metallic spheres and have the shape and size the same as orange. It is very simple and fun to play. It includes a target that players need to complete as soon as possible.

The game ends when the final player plays the last boule. The word Petanque came from the language of Provincial which means pied stances. It has come from the verb tanker which means to tie or to anchor.

History of Petanque Game

The Petanque game was launched in the year 1910. The scenario was made a little down which is at the center of Marseille and Toulon which is known as La Costa.

One day there happened that a great game figure, Jules LeNoir, had an accident and was confined to using a wheelchair for life.

Such an incident made him believe that it will take him out of the game’s pleasure forever.

The other people felt very bad for their friends. Due to this, they voted for a rule change in the game by which none of the disadvantages should be given to him.

The new rules were taken down in the Petanque, and players have to throw the boule in the circle which is scratched in the place without the running of steps. Now in the required region, the rule came to play pied stances and this is how the new variant came as a game.

By this, wheelchairs have been taken as a common sight form at the level of national as well as international championships of Petanque.

It is the variant of the common one and includes the collective name which involved boules as well as but.

After the Middle Ages, the popularity of it gets lost. But in southeast France, it continued to play in Provence. In the 20th century.

It again came to France with much popularity. With the arrival of World War II and from that time, Petanque is increasing in Europe and has been in its best form since then.


Why Play Petanque?

There are various advantages to playing the game Petanque. Here we have listed a few of them below:-

  • The boules in this game as very cheaper and they last for many years.
  • No special training is required to play this game. Also, no more surface for playing is needed here.
  • We can play this game, anytime and anywhere.
  • Each of the things which we require for playing gets fit in the tiny box.
  • No extra strength or athleticism for playing this game is needed. It is as simple as other games.
  • Players of every age and all gender can play this game and can compete on the basis in an equal way.
  • Rules, as well as strategies here, are very easy to understand and perform.
  • Petanque is one of the greatest centerpiece for various social activities that includes camping trips, picnics, outings, and even many more. In the villages of French, Petanque is played on the places that are central and have been taken as a necessary discussion and the place of meeting.

Petanque has been served as the best test for those people who are in a plan to get married. At the time play together, they will finish the game even without scolding or shouting at each other. Through this, they will become even more confident and will live a long together happily.

Rules of the Petanque Game

1. Teams in Petanque

This game is played by following teams of two. Each of the teams includes players of equal numbers which ranges from one to four numbers of players.

Every player plays here with boules of two or three. Maximum boules which every team can give should not be more than 12. The players in one team of three or four players will the use only two boules.

2. Goal of the game

The main goal for every team is to get most of the boules to the close of Cochon or to but.

3. Playing area of the game

The teams throwing the boules in the play area of rough rectangular form are limited by the judge or by an organizing committee.

It ranges from four meters to fifteen meters. The area of play is a bit flat and should be free from fragile or various things. No small children should be taken there for avoiding disturbance and noise.

4. Area of Throwing the Boules

Players will throw their boules from inside the circle. It should be drawn properly on the ground. The measurement of it should range from 50cm in diameter. As the game goes in a form, the circle location changes in the play area.

Every player should have their feet inside the circle when their turn comes for throwing the boule.

When it is the other player’s turn, they will get past is which is a liqueur of flavoured one. Players should avoid interference with their throws. They are not allowed to touch the boule as when it has been thrown in the play area.

Beginning of the Game

Each game starts with the preparation of throwing circle drawing. Then it has to be thrown about six to 10 meters away from the given circle.

The rules can be accessed as per the needs of the player. The player of Team A will throw a boule which should be much closer to the but.

Then the boule may touch it. Then it comes to the turn of Team B players. The result depends on which player of the team has thrown the closest boule to the but.

The team who has not thrown to the closest of but will run out of boules. There never matters the order of players in the team.

The game comes to an end when both of the teams have the shortest of boules. The team who won is the one which has more boules taken to the closest of the but.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the What is Petanque Game with complete information.

What is the difference between petanque and bocce?

The fundamental distinction between bocce ball and petanque is the method of play. Bocce ball is a type of bowling in which the boule is bowled. Petanque, on the other hand, is more of a tossing game in which the boule is thrown. Bocce ball players, like bowlers, take various steps before throwing the ball.

What is the difference between boules and petanque?

The terms “petanque” and “boules” refer to the same game. The word “boule” means “ball” in French, therefore the game is commonly referred to as “boules” in France (pronounced BOOL). The game is commonly known to as “petanque” outside of France (pronounced pay-TONK).

How long does a game of petanque last?

A round lasts roughly 5 minutes on average, therefore they can forecast that a SNOR game with 6 or 7 rounds will last 30-35 minutes. A family may arrive at 2 p.m., play three games, talk with friends, and know they’ll be able to depart about 4 p.m.

Can you throw underarm in petanque?

Because petanque is frequently played on a rough and uneven surface, throwing a boule (rather than rolling it) is usually the ideal approach to start a game.

What happens if you hit the jack in petanque?

If the jack travels into an out-of-bounds region after being struck before returning to the playing area, it is considered dead, and the actions outlined in Article 13 apply. The first boule of each end is thrown by a member of the team that won the toss or was the last to score.

Summing Up

Here we get to know what a Petanque Game is. Also, we discussed the origin of it and how we can play it. Such a game requires the interest of the people and an understanding of its rules and measurements.

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