How To Use iPhone as a Mouse For Mac

Doing multiple things with the same device seems useful for everyone. We are here going to share a few of the steps for you. Following these steps, you will be able to use your iPhone as a mouse for Mac. So, if you are already looking for a guide on how to use iPhone as a mouse for Mac. Then here you are in the right place. Because we are going to make it very simple for you to use your iPhone as a mouse for a Mac.

For this, you just have to bring two things on your table or desk. One is the Mac and the other one is your iPhone. Other than this the resources that we will use in this tech tutorial will be shared with your further. So without wasting our time let us start the very exciting way to use the iPhone as a mouse for Mac. 

Things You Require : 

  • Mac
  • iPhone
  • Remote Mouse Application for Both devices.
  • Wifi Connectivity. 

Step 1 : 

First of all start both of the devices, your Mac and iPhone. Make sure that both of the devices are nearby each other because we are going to use wifi connections to make it possible to use your iPhone as a mouse for Mac. 

Step 2 :

Now Download the remote Mouse application in both of the devices. You can find it on both the device’s app store. In the iOS store and Mac Store, you will find this application. 

Step 3 :

After Downloading this application in both devices, install this application and then open it in both devices. 

Step 4 : 

After Opening the app in both devices you will find that your Wifi is turned-on on both of the devices. Now you have to connect both of the devices. 

Step 5 : 

Don’t worry if your wifi is not working or you don’t have wifi connectivity. Then you must have an Internet connection on both devices. Now you can connect both devices using an IP address or QR code. 

Step 6 :

Once both of your devices are connected. You will find that there is an empty screen on the iPhone. That empty screen is your trackpad or mouse pad. You can use it as your mouse pad. On the other hand, the side scroll bar will act as the mouse wheel button for your Mac. 

Conclusion : 

You might think that the above steps are hard to follow for a quick connection between both devices. You may think that this idea of using an iPhone as your mouse in Mac is not that good. But let us explain to you that this is an amazing idea to use your iPhone as a mouse for Mac. Connecting both devices with this app is not that difficult. It might seem difficult for you in the beginning, but after establishing a connection once or twice. You will find it easy to connect next time.