The Handmaid’s Tale Cast 

The Handmaid’s Tale is a very popular American web series, which is popular worldwide. Do you know that this web series is based upon a novel called The handmaid’s tale of 1985? Yes, you know that and you love the story of this web series. Also, you love all the characters and roles played by all the actors in this web series.

But you may want to know more about The handmaid’s tale cast. But you were unable to find the exact information like the real name of all the actors playing various characters and roles in this web series. Here we are going to explain all the characters played in this famous web series. From the main characters to all the other side role-playing actors, we are here going to tell you all the information that you need to know about The handmaid’s tale cast. 

June Osborne / Offred / Ofjoseph:

Elisabeth Moss Played this character. Offred was a woman in this web series and she is playing a very important role in the handmaid’s tale cast. She used to escape Canada with her husband and her daughter. She is playing the main role in this novel and web series. When she was made as to the handmaid of Commander Fred, she was called Offred and when she was the handmaid of commander Joseph, she was called ofJoseph.

Commander Fredrick or Fred : 

Joseph Fiennes photos

Joseph Fiennes played this role in this web series. Commander Fredrick is a highly ranked government official. 

Serena Joy Waterford :

Serena Joy Waterford hot photos

Serena is the wife of commander Fredrick. This role is played by Yvonne Strahovski.

Dr. Emily Malek : 

Dr. Emily Malek photos

Dr. Emily Malek is a shopping partner of June in this web series. This role is played by Alexis Bledel.

Janine Lindo : 

Janine Lindo hot photos

Janine Lindo is also a handmaid in this web series who come into light during his training in the series. She becomes a friend of June Osborne. This role is played by Madeline Brewer. 

Aunt Lydia : 

Ann Dowd

The story of this web series revolves around handmaids, and Aunt Lydia is in charge of all Handmaids. This role is played by Ann Dowd. 

Luke Bankole : 

O. T. Fagbenle images

Luke Bankole is also June’s husband. He is her husband before Gilead. Luke Bankole’s role is played by O. T. Fagbenle. 

Commander Nick Blaine : 

Max Minghella photos

Commander Nick Blaine is the driver of Commander Waterford. He got promoted as Commander in the third session of this series. Nick’s role is played by Max Minghella.

 Moira Strand : 

Samira Wiley photos

Moira Strand was June’s best friend in this series. Both of them are friends since college. This role is played by Samira Wiley.