How to Change Outlook Password

When you open your account in outlook, you add your address and password to it to get your important emails on it. If the email password is changed by you then it is also necessary to change the outlook password also so that it can easily access your account. With this, you can also protect your data with a password that you can easily change as per your need.

You can also get the various data files installed in the required pair of addresses that you have given in the account of your Microsoft outlook. So for this keep reading this article which is based on how to change outlook password in step by step guides.

How to Change Outlook Password

Here are the explained steps that will enable you to get access to the changing of your outlook password. You can follow any two of the procedure from the given ones.

Change Outlook Password Using File Option

1. Firstly, select the file option and from that go to the info. It will display the information of your account on the given screen. If the outlook 2003 is in use, then click on the tools option and then go to the accounts of email.

2. Now go to the settings of accounts and then select the required option. It will enable you in getting the window with all the accounts of yours. If the outlook is of the old version, you have to select the option of existing email or viewing of accounts.

3. Now select your account of whose you want to change the password. You can access to it and then you have to enter the new password. For the protection of your account, you can change it through the service from your email. You can also get protection from the data file.

4. Now click on the change option as it will give you all the details of your selected account. Now you have to type the required correct password in the field of it. It will be added to the login info. It must be noted that only the password of access will change and not the actual password of the email.

5. Go to the next page for saving your settings done on the page. It will ask you to log in again and enter your new password.

Change Outlook Password Manually

1. Select the files option and then the info button. It will give you the information about the account. For the changing of your password, it will require your original password of the outlook for the change purpose.

2. Now click on the Settings of accounts and then it will open you the basic windows of settings.

3. After that click on the file data option. It will take you to the data files of your outlook.

4. Now go to the settings option as it will open new settings of windows for the purpose of outlook file.

5. Now you can easily change the password by going to the change password option.

6. You can enter your old password and can replace it with the new by typing firstly the new one then re-entering it again as it will be difficult in changing the password even without the knowledge of the previous one.

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