How to Record a Macro in Excel – Ultimate Guide

Macro in excel is a form of process which is used in recording the file which you can save as quickly by executing the tasks in sheets for its references. It can be created by its own form of steps that will be necessary for the purpose of making it.

It can be easy in formatting for the editing of the various styles and also it is a form of the task for the presentation of the perfect form of the meaning of the data. It can be easily reported according to the way of macros which will enable you in getting the help of it for most important sheets of creation.

What is Macro in MS Excel?

If you’ve some tasks that you wanted to repeat few times then you can easily create a macro of that task to save your time and easily apply the macro when needed. In simple words, the macro is the process in which you can record certain tasks in macro and use it when you needed it again without going to entire process again. This will helps you to save time and increase the productivity of your work on Microsoft Excel without having a hassle.

How to Record a Macro in Excel on Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10

Here is the explained way of recording a macro in Microsoft Excel and the perfect form of steps that will enable the user in the recording of it.

Record A Macro In

1. Select the file and go to the options. Now select the custom option and then the mark will appear which is next to the developer option.

2. Now select the OK button and it will display the developer point at the upper side of the given excel. Choose the security of macro which is shown in the option of the developer of the given group.

3. Activate all the macros which will enable them and then select the OK option. Choose the recording of the macro shown on the button of the developer.

4. After that, you have to type the required form of the name in the given macro box. It must contain from starting with the letter. Now the workbook has to be taken into form by which you will be able to store the macro which is available in the sheet of excel from there it will be personal shown form.

5. You have to select the description for macro in the box and then click on the given OK button. Now do all the needed work in the proper form of order and it will register all the required base for it. Such actions will be easy for the best purpose of recording macro.

6. Select the stop option of recording given on the option of developer as it will not show the created macro of yours. Now press the button of control and F8 as it will now run the macro.

Second Method:

record macro

1. Choose the required selection of file and then choose options from it. Now select the custom option and then the check form which is next to the developer option.

2. Select the OK button as the screen will now show the developer at its upward side. Choose the security of macro shown at the code of grouping on the given form.

3. Now select the macro availability option and then OK to it. Go to the basic visual of the required form. After that, choose module in the given insert option. It will open a window form of code.

4. Save your micro to the module and then return back to the window. Now select the control and F8 button as it will start the macro in your device.

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