Where To Stream Harry Potter? 10 Places To Watch It

Where to stream harry potter? There are multiple streaming platforms where you can watch harry potter movies for free. Here in this guide, we have listed all places in a single article.

The Harry Potter film came out in 2011. They all have made millions at the box office. The popularity of the Harry Potter film launched tons of amazing merch.

This movie can be watched by people of all age groups. Many people enjoy watching these movies during Christmas and Holidays all over the world.

Here we are going to discuss the best place to watch and stream all the Harry Potter movies. And you can enjoy watching all the Harry Potter Movies without spending money.

But it is important to use a VPN while watching Harry Potter with free methods. Because it helps to keep your IP address from being exposed to law enforcement.

As well as it protects your online identity. You can use Surf Shark VPN.

Some free options to watch Harry Potter movies

1. Soad2day

You can watch the Harry Potter film with Soad2day for free. You need not sign up for an account to start watching on soad2day.

You only need to use VPN and connect to any server. Because, As we know, watching free content on the internet is punishable by law. You can use Surf Shark VPN for this.

Follow the below steps for watching all Harry Potter Movies:

1. First, you have to subscribe to a VPN.
2. Then, you need to download and install the app on your preferred device.
3. Next, you have to open the app and connect to the US server.
4.  Now, you have to Open the website www.soap2day.to and search for Harry Potter.
5. Then, all Harry Potter films will appear. You will have to Select any Harry Potter movie which you want to watch.
6. You have to click on the play. Now, you can enjoy the streaming.

2. Starz Play

Starz play is one of the best streaming services. You will find all the sessions of the Harry Potter movie available here. It is free and offers a 7-days free trial.

You don’t need to enter your payment details in your trial period. When the free trial ends you need to enter your payment details here.

It charges 8.99 per month. But you watch all the 8 Harry Potter movies in 7 days of trial. You don’t need to prolong your subscription because it can’t be compared with Netflix, Hulu, or HBO in any way.

If you are using it from the US or UK then you will not find Harry Potter movies because it is only available in Starz Play Pakistan. By using a VPN you can connect to the Indian server.

3. Popcorn Time

You can find all Harry Potter movies on popcorn time. Along with this, you can watch other interesting movies here. Popcorn time is a free app for mobile and desktop.

Thus, You can download Popcorn Time’s latest version and enjoy watching any movies here.

This is a free app and you can get into legal troubles by watching its content. So, you need to make sure your IP address is completely hidden.

Thus, you have to use VPN and connect to one of its servers. When you are connected then you are able to stream Harry Potter.

4. Kodi

You can watch Harry Potter movies for free on Kodi. It is an open-source free software or a media player. When you download and install Kodi, then you need to add a movie add-on called Exodus Redux.

Once you complete this process you will be able to watch recent movies and TV shows.

Moreover, Kodi is perfectly legal. There are no addons in Kodi. When you start streaming with these third-party add-ons.

Then, You need to make sure you have installed and connected to the VPN.

5. Hulu

You can use Hulu to watch Harry Potter films for free. It has 7 days free trial including HBO Max. Besides, You can easily access all of Hulu’s programming and all of HBO’s programming to watch for free for 7 days.

You can also use it to stream Harry Potter free online. As well, you will catch up on other summer blockbusters. They are premiering simultaneously in theatres and on HBO Max.

6. HBO Max

If you become an AT&T subscriber then you can watch the Harry Potter films free on HBO Max. So, when you sign up for one of AT&T’s wireless phone, WiFi, or TV plans then you get HBO Max included for free.

You can sign up for AT&T’s Unlimited Elite phone, AT&T’s Internet 1000 WiFi, and AT&T’s TV Choice plans. These all offer a free subscription to HBO Max.

Paid Options To Steam Harry Potter Online

7. Google Play

Google will offer you rent or buy films from its Google Play Store. But, its price is more than Amazon. You need to buy movies for $8.99 to watch in 4K. If you are renting then you have to pay $3.99 in 4K.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to buy or rent movies from Google Play Store on Android and tablets:-

1. First, you have to open the Google Play store app.
2. Then, click on the menu for the top left, then movies and TV.
3. Next, you have to browse for your favourite Harry Potter Movie.
4. Now, tap the item to view prices, buy, or rent.

8. Amazon Video

As we know, the films are not part of Amazon’s Prime service. But you have an option, you can watch them with the company’s video platform.

You will find renting an individual Harry Potter film will cost you about $3.99. And if you want this in HD quality then it will cost $7.99.

Follow the below steps to watch Harry Potter on Amazon.

1. First, you have to open Amazon Video.
2. Then, you have to select your favourite harry potter film from there.
3. Now, you have to click on ‘Rent Movie’ to rent a movie and ‘Buy Movie’ to buy a Harry Potter movie.
4. You have to log in to your Amazon account. If you have no Amazon account then, you have to sign up from there by clicking on ‘Create your Amazon account
5. Then, you will easily watch Harry Potter movies on Amazon.

9. YouTube

You will get to rent Harry Potter movies on youtube. Here, you can buy each Harry Potter movie for $8 and rent it for $4.

You need to know that YouTube has the rule to complete the movie within 48 hours after you have started watching.

As well as, you will not be able to see the YouTube Movies section if you’re outside the US. Thus, you need to connect to a US server by a good VPN. So you can prefer Surf Shark VPN.

What Order Should I Watch Harry Potter?

There are eight Harry Potter films. You can enjoy it by watching all eight series in a definite order. So, if you are planning to watch these movies series.

You can enjoy it by finding a nice place to sit back with popcorn. Because you will find yourself where spells and witchcraft are the things.
Thus, follow the order of Harry Potter movies mentioned below.

  • Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
  • Harry Potter and Order of the Phoenix
  • Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 1)
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 2)

The Harry Potter movies are one of the most highly watched movies around the world. There are many ways to watch this.

You can watch the Harry Potter movies by any of the methods mentioned above. You can use both free and paid options to watch the movies.

The Popcorn Time app is one of the most popular and easiest ways to watch this movie. You need to use a VPN because it will keep you safe over the internet.

Moreover, all of the Harry Potter movies are available on DVD and Blu-ray. Also, all eight films will be available on HBO Max once again after removing this.

And you have more options to buy them digitally on Amazon Prime too.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to where to watch harry potter for free with complete information.

Is Harry Potter on any streaming service?

Yes, the Harry Potter movie is available to stream on several streaming services such as Peacock TV, Hulu, DirecTV and many more.

Is Harry Potter free on Amazon Prime?

No, in order to watch all 8 movies of Harry Potter you need a subscription plan for Prime Videos. If you haven’t already done so, you may sign up for a free trial to get 30 days of unlimited access to Prime content.

Is Harry Potter on Disney+?

The Harry Potter films are not available on Netflix or Disney Plus, although they can be found on other streaming services. Scroll down for links to all of the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts films in streaming format.

Is Harry Potter on Hulu?

Unfortunately, none of the major streaming providers have direct access to the Harry Potter films. Signing up for Hulu Plus Live TV is the closest you can get from these sources.

Is Harry Potter on Vudu?

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone on Vudu (Extended Version) Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Chris Columbus, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Rupert Grint, Rupert Online Movies & Television

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