How To Delete NetFlix Profile – Step by Step Guide

How To Delete NetFlix Profile? Netflix is a fantastic application with fantastic stuff to surf and watch. It has the most exclusive, loved, famous, and followed shows on Netflix, hallmarked movies, and series on it. The craze of Netflix is just unbeatable, and it is truly worth all the hype.

Now to get Netflix, you must subscribe with a certain amount of money according to the package you select, and the package is select by criteria of several screens, the device it’ll work on, and the availability of high definition quality. Moreover, you can also change the password on the Netflix account without hassle.

You can have multiple profiles on a single account too. Now, if you want to delete a profile or multiple profiles from a Netflix account in case you feel your Netflix account is misuse or you want to delete it anyhow. You can easily do it as you’re the owner of the account, and you anyhow deserve this much rights.

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How To Delete NetFlix Profile

You have to go through a super easy, quick, and convenient process to delete a Netflix profile. First thing you have to do to delete your profile.

Step 1:

You’ll have to log in to your Netflix account by giving it your mail I’d and password, or if it is already login, then go further.

Step 2:

You’ll have to go to your profile section and go scrolling down to ‘account’ and click on it.

Step 3:

Scroll down again, and then you’ll have to click on ‘manage profiles.’ It gets you to the number of profiles that you have set up with the same account.

》Or not coming this much all the way, you could have just tapped on the profile button and go directly to manage profiles, it would have got you to the same screen.

Step 4:

Once you get to the profiles page, either from account or directly from manage profiles, you have to select the account/profile you want to delete.

Step 5:

You see an edit button on the profile icon, you gotta tap on it, and from there you can either change the name, or you may change if it is kids account or an adult’s, you can eventually change any details you want any which ways to delete the profile you gotta click on the last button that appears that says ‘delete profile.’

Step 6:

You have a click on it, and it’ll ask you confirmation for deletion, give it a confirmation, but before that, you must give a thought to your decision of deleting it as it deletes everything, your history, downloads, ratings, wishlists. and if you wanna keep it instead of giving it confirmation, you gotta hit on ‘keep the profile.’

Step 7:

Now, in case you deleted it, the manage profile page shows a void in place of the profile which was there and is delete now.

Step 8:

Now click ‘done’ and now again you can go to any profile you want.

Wrapping Up!

The profile you wanted to delete from the account with all the data and downloads from that particular profile. Now the profile owner would not be able to get on with the account until and unless you allow them to by giving your mail and password. So it is a super easy and quick process to delete a Netflix profile from an account. The process is the same for any user, either android, iOS, or any other.