How To Add HackerRank On LinkedIn

HackerRank has become an authorized partner of LinkedIn. This partner platform is making it possible for the recruiters to conduct high quality and productive technical interviews for candidates. It saves time and money for both parties. So, whether you are a candidate or recruiter, it will be beneficial for you also. But the main issue that people face on LinkedIn is that how to add HackerRank on LinkedIn.

 If you don’t know how to add hacker rank on LinkedIn, then don’t worry about it, because we are here to help you know more about it. We are going to tell you that how you can get more and more interview calls through LinkedIn’s partner program called HackerRank. We are here going to tell you that how you can add HackerRank On linkedIn. You just have to follow some of the steps to know more about it. 


Follow below-mentioned steps to Add HackerRank On Linkedin:

  • Open up your LinkedIn Talent Hub Account. 
  • Here click on your profile picture at the top corner. 
  • Now click the “Settings” Option. 
  • Here you will see the “Advanced” section. 
  • In “Advanced” Section Find “Integrations”. 
  • Find The “CodePair From HackerRank”.
  • Here Click the “Authorize” button. 
  • It will Prompt for Various Permissions, Click “Allow”.
  • Now HackerRank is Added To Your LinkedIn talent hub account. 

Know What is CodePair and What is its use?

You may want to know that what is CodePair. If you are interested in HackerRank and you are going to add HackerRank on LinkedIn then you must know about CodePair. CodePair is a bridge partner platform where the HackerRank interviews will be conducted. You all know that what is LinkedIn Talent Hub, and now the LinkedIn Talent Hub has become a partner of HackerRank. You can use this best platform to go through the technical interviews. As a recruiter, you will get a lot of features out there in the CodePair platform. You will find a lot of technical questions available to you. There are approximately more than 1500 questions. The second thing is that you can conduct an Interview alone or you can get the interviewer panel ready to conduct the interview. 

Interviews Made Easy With HackerRank

Technical interviews are tough for the candidates, we all know that, but also it is very challenging for the interviewers to conduct such long and impactful interviewers. It needs time to prepare a technology-based interview. But now with the help of HackerRank, CodePair and LinkedIn Talent hub and collaboration of the all make it very simple for everyone to go through such interviews. 


In the end, we will say it is not hard to add HackerRank On LinkedIn. You don’t have to search How to add HackerRank On LinkedIn, again and again. You can just read the above instructions. By following the above steps it will be added to your LinkedIn profile. After that, you can easily go for the online technical interviews with the top companies recruiters and get a perfect job for you.