(Modem vs Router) Difference Between Modem and Router

If you require setting up the network connection or looking up the solution for issues with it, then it is necessary to understand the difference between a modem and a router.

The basic difference between these two devices is that the modem gives you the allowance for connecting to the network, and the router’s work is to distribute it to the various devices. The modem is the way to the connection, though a router is the main central hub of the devices.

Most people think that they both are similar. As they both include a light indicator which blinks and have an Ethernet port on the backside of it.

The functions of both are also very same. They both perform the transmission of the packets of days Or the data units that are sent by the required source to the main place. There are various similarities between them.

Modem actually has fewer Ethernet ports than the router has. The modem includes the IP address of the public which we can access to the internet.

Similarly, the router has an IP address but it is private you will not be able to search on the internet. The modem does the use of WAN ( Wide Area Network) and the router has LAN  ( Local Area Network).

difference between modem and router

What is Modem?

A modem transfers signals by the ISP to our home or at any other place by performing the conversion of the signal of the network into digital forms.

It gives us the allowance in connecting the network to a greater extent. The modem includes a word combination of modulation and demodulation.

In the older times, telephone lines were used for the conversion of analog signals into digital ones.

In the present era, as per the latest technology, the same thing is there but with new forms. The modems of modern times include ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network), and DSL (Digital Subscriber Line).

what is a modem

The modems of analog ones do the use of a telephone line for connecting to the ISP. The limitation here is that you will not be able to use the phone when you are accessing the web.

DSL to do the use of telephone lines, but the difference here is that the transmission is performed outside the frequencies for voice calls.

Through this, users can get access to the internet as well as do phone calls at the same time. The cable modem performs similarly. The only thing which you need to perform is to connect a router or the computer by the coaxial cable as well as the Ethernet cord.

Main Functions of a Modem

A modem is a device that transfers the signals by the ISP to the devices. It performs the encoding of the information by the transmitter and then decodes it by the deceiver. They also compress the data, perform the error correction, and first the controlling of the information flow.

The transmission is speeded up by data grouping and allowing them in a single go which is based on the various rules.

The modem does the checking of the information which is sent assigning of values to the computer. If the data doesn’t match, then it is sent back.

The control flow gives the allowance for sending the signals to another one for the accommodation which varies the network speed and Wi-Fi.

The slow modem will send a notification to the father one about the stoppage of the information transfer till it gets ready. Then the slow modem will send it afterward when it is ready for transferring the data.

What is a Router?

This networking device routes to the network connection by the modem to all of the devices including smartphones, computers, laptops, and many more. It will enable all of them for connecting to the network at a similar moment.

The router also allows for various devices in communicating with other devices through the network. There are various types of routers available out there, the popular ones in them are in wired and wireless forms.

what is a router

The wired routers which are also known as hard-lined routers are required to be connected physically to the modem as well as the device by the use of a cable. If we do a comparison, then the wireless routers do the use antennas that are built in.

It is used for communication with the devices on the Wi-Fi network. The wireless router also needs to be connected physically to the modem by the cable for sending as well as receiving information by the web.

Main Functions of a Router

The basic function of the router is handling the traffic which is at the center of various devices of the network. It has the tracking of media access control (MAC) for checking whether the information is sent correctly or not.

The router also does the sharing of the resources on the network. It includes folders, files, drives, as well as peripherals of computers which includes scanners, fax machines, and printers.

The router also includes the features of security which will provide the users with better protection from hackers and from the unknown property who are giving a try accessing your network.

Requirement of a Router and Modem

If the need is there for connecting out a single computer to the network, then you can connect it to the modem by the use of a cable.

But if the need is there for connecting various devices, then a router is required. If a wireless router is there with you, then the devices can be easily connected to the internet by the use of Wi-Fi.

Combo Devices of Router and Modem

In the present era, most of the ISPs are providing the combo of Modem and router to their subscribers. Such a device is made in a manner where fewer wires and cables are required.

If you go for purchasing a third-party router, then it will provide even more flexibility of various features along with the connectivity of USB, and much more.

Buying your own modem will help in giving an easy internet bill. As the ISPs charge around $10 a month for modems in rental forms that can be added up for a year. It is necessary to check which modem is compatible with the kind of network service you have.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the Modem vs Router with complete information.

Do I need a router if I have a modem?

Is a router required if you have a modem? No, in a technical sense, but yes in a practical sense. If you wish to access the internet from several devices, you’ll need a router because a modem can only connect to one device at a time.

Do I need both a modem and router for WiFi?

You’ll need both a modem and a router if you want to use WiFi or connect multiple devices. Because most modems only have one LAN Ethernet port, you can only connect one computer at a time, but a modem won’t provide the same amount of security as a router.

What does a modem do for WiFi?

A Wi-Fi modem is a single device that combines the modem and the router to interpret Internet data packets and distribute them wirelessly to devices in your home. It can also transfer data back to the Internet, such as emails, text messages, videos, or images.

Can I get internet with just a router?

You can’t connect to the internet with simply a router unless it has a built-in modem. A router just routes information (data packets) to the various devices in a network; it does not establish a new internet connection.

Summing Up

Here we understood the deep insights of Modem and router as well as how they differ from each other. The functions of both have different performances and can be accessed in various types. Give a read to it and select which will be the perfect one for you.

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