20+ Best PC Games Download Free In 2021

Looking for best PC games download free without paying any money. In this case, here in this article, we have listed some of the most popular PC games among Pro Gamers. Moreover, all these best PC games download free all you need is a stable internet connection.

1. Forza Motorsport 6: Ape

Forza Motorsport 6: Ape

This game can be downloaded from the windows store for free. It has top-notch graphics, and this one is quite very realistic. Its realistic effects and graphics give this game another level feel. Initially, when you start playing, you will face difficulties while taking turns and stuff but you will find it very enjoyable, and when you will keep playing, you will just love this game further.

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2. Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct

This game is free from the Microsoft studios to you and can be played on any software. If you have to play this one on a Windows PC, then you have to have windows 10-anniversary version. If you have any older versions to it, then this game would not go parallel with those. It won’t even be visible to you in that case.

This one is a fighting style game with amazing graphics which are adjustable according to your preference and according to the capability of your graphics card. This game is approx 33 GB, so might be heavy on your software but it is super amazing.

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3. Asphalt 9

Asphalt 9

This is a super popular game and is played on android as well. But the graphics and quality it provides on a PC will just blow your mind. This can be downloaded for free on windows from the app store. Just switch off the test drive if you are playing using the keyboard. Even in android, it has amazing graphics so it is basic application that the graphics in here would be more than amazing. Its is of the best PC game download free on web from all around the world.

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4. Fortnite

fortnite android 60fps supported devices

This game is known to be a replica of the very famous and popular mobile game known as Pubg mobile. Pubg is played by almost every teenager and even some adults. It is the most played android game. Now Fortnite is just an upgraded version of the app, which can be played on a PC , eats up more storage and the graphics and its pattern is just amazing.

To play pubg on a PC, or say to stream it you have to acquire a license of it which is not accessible very easily and charges money as well where Fortnite is all for PC. You can use same account for your mobile phone and for your PC, no money in creation is required and you can play any mode in it and enjoy it to the core. This game is super addictive and gives you an amazing experience like never before.

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5. Gods of Rome

God of Rome Download

This game is sort of a replica of killer instinct as that game can be quite heavy for your system if the case is so then you can have this game installed on your system. This is again a fighting style game and in it the characters are sort of very different than killer instinct but its graphics are better than android but still, the graphics of killer instinct are another level good as per the weightage of the game.

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6. Dungeon Hunter 5

Dungeon Hunter 5

This is an RPG game and is available for android too but if you play it in android then its cool but the vibe that big screen and its graphics give is a whole lot different thing. It is a freestyle game and its storyline all goes veryy well with a mouse, keyboard and a computer screen. This game is free for windows and can be downloaded from its app store. Its best PC games download free on different platforms such as Windows, Xbox, Apps etc.

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7. World of Tanks Blitz

World of Tanks Blitz

This is a tank-based game where you have to basically drive a tank. This game can be played as a solo player that is with the single-player mode or with two or more players that is the multiplayer mode . Its graphics are moderately good, not another level like the other games have in their PC versions but the quality is considerably fine.

The only benefit is that even if you own an average computer than too you can use this game very efficiently. It does not takes up a lot of storage. This gameplay just requires a bit of time for someone to cope up and understand it. But once you know how to play it, its a very good game.

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8. Order and Chaos 2

order and chaos 2

This is again a massively multiplayer online game and is in a RPG style. There are a lot of quests like almost more than 1000 quests are there on it which you can play . Its a very different game , where you gotta create different types of potions, and bind up with them.

You have to find how to make different potions and stuff like that so its a very interesting game. There are a lot of missions too. Its graphics are not that good as they should be in an open-world game but they are moderately fine. Its a free game and is really fun to play so the quality of the graphics can be compromised.

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9. Gangster New Orlines

gangstar new orleans

This is again an open-world game for your PC. If you love playing GTA 5 but you can not play that or can not afford it and want to play it then you can replace it with the gangster new orlines. This one is free and is an open-world game but the graphics are not very high so copes with all kinds of systems, so even if you have a old computer it will support it. You get missions in the game and its like amazing. To an extent this game can give you that open-world vibe for sure.

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10. Dead Rivals Zombie MMO

Dead Revals Download

This one is also a sort of open-world type game but not completely like not really up to the standards of new orlines. Here you have to fight with zombies like you have to start by creating a headquarters then you have to keep a supply in there. You can get this best PC games download free on your personal computer without hassle.

You can again get any kind of gameplay either solo player that is the Single-player mode or with two or more players that is the multiplayer mode. This one is not a purely open world but still, it can be tried. It is available for free on the windows app store.

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11. Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator

This first in a while, this game is an amazing photo-realistic game with 3d models that are created with photogrammetry, basically everything you can ask for with a new micro soft fight simulator. It looks like it’s shaking up yo be an accurate sim with incredible graphics. It doesn’t have a release date but it is coming to PC and Xbox One sometime this year.

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12. Destroy all Humans Remake

Destroy all Humans Remake

This game is very exciting and favourite of a lot of people very recently. It’s great that they use all of the original voice actings but with completely new graphics and it looks phenomenal, looks exactly like the one that can satisfy your eyes. It is such a warped goofy game that came out during a time when double-A games, the kind of mid-tier games were much more frequent and a lot more experimental. It is basically a game where you are stealing DNA from humans to save your race.

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13. Phantasy Star Online 2

Phantasy Star Online 2

A game that was never thought to be ever seen. This one is one of the greatest massively multiplayer online game in the RPG format of all time. It’s free to play and its a very exciting game again. This one is very innovative, not only in terms of beauty, character and really fun to do anything.

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14. Wasteland 3

Wasteland three

It is again an upcoming RPG which was developed by in exile entertainment. It’s a squad-based RPG with turn-based combat and if you are unfamiliar with wasteland it is basically the series that inspired fallout, some of the original wasteland developers worked on the original fallout. It is kind of little old school but its gonna be really good.

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15. Empire of Sin

Empire of Sin

A strategy game which is coming via Romero games. You play Chicago mobster loosely based on real people during the Prohibition era and the setup just sounds really interesting for a turn-based strategy game and the combat in it is being described an XCOM like honestly, that is a great damn idea. The idea of a turn-based strategy mobster game is just another level good idea.

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16. Senua’s Saga Hellblade 2

Hellblade 2 download

This really looks to up the anti about every aspect to the game. This game’s trailer only has some astounding looks at the kinds of rendering and animation will be seeing. The only assumption is that the gameplay will be similar to a bunch of people to go to war. It is like really exciting to play. It will be launched with the new Xbox for sure.

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17. Overwatch 2

Watchover 2

This is a non-standard sequel. It is kind of a big expansion to overwatch 1 but more interestingly it has got a story now and fortunately, all existing cosmetics you have will carry over to the sequel. If you are not intending on getting the sequel you can still play overwatch 1 with the overwatch 2 people as it receives the same PvP updates and other ones too.

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18. Lego Star Wars

lego star wars download

The skywalker saga; which is the complete saga as the lego star wars. All the humour, all the fun, all of it is frankly enjoyable gameplay of lego star wars spanning the entire nine movie saga which is really exciting. This one is like a combination of the lego star wars series.

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19. Tales of Arise

Tales of Arise Download

The latest one in the tales series which will be bringing some developments to the battle system as well as other elements to the game as it was more creative. It’s a beautiful looking game, using the unreal engine and really just looking interesting to play. It is hitting pretty much all platforms, and the excitement for this is just another level.

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20. Gods and Monsters

Gods and Monsters Download

A very clearly breadth of the wild influenced game coming to us from Ubisoft specifically the creators of Assassin’s creed odyssey which again makes sense. It is very greek oriented but again looks very much like the new Zelda. Understanding the two aspects like combining breath of the wild with assassin’s creed odyssey that’s probably what will turn into gods and monsters. Download PC games for free without paying a single penny.

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21. Outriders


A new co-op shooter; From the developers of gears of wars judgement and Bulletstorm, it’s a three-player game so pretty obviously it bears some similarities to gears right off. This game has been kept kind of mysterious because it is basically fully sci-fi, apocalyptic and this one is gonna be really cool. It is a September release and is gonna be hype-worthy for sure.

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