“Airpods Connected But No Sound”: [Fixed]

You can accomplish a lot with AirPods. You can utilize Siri, make phone calls, and listen to music with Apple’s wireless AirPods. You must pair AirPods with your iOS device, Mac, or other Bluetooth devices such as Android phones in order to utilize them.

Sometimes we may face problems regarding the sound output while using the Airpods. Like it is showing in our device that the Airpods connected but no sound output.

This thing happens due to various reasons. This article describes what to do if your device detects a connection but no audio or music is playing.

Fixed “Airpods Connected But No Sound”

If you have faced this problem recently and you want a solution, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to discuss sound fixation by some possible methods and techniques. Follow the article till the end, we hope that we may find you a solution.

Step 1:

The first thing you need to worry about and check is the cleanliness of your Airpods. During daily usage, your Airpods may pick up a lot of dirt within it for which it is possible that the sound is not able to come out.

You should clean your Airpods often. It is also important to clean them in the right way so that the Airpods don’t take any damage. You can take help from Apple’s document, it explains how you can do that in a proper manner.

Step 2:

The second thing you can go for is updating your devices. This may fix your problem.

Step 3:

The third solution is checking your volume level. It should not be too low. There is an optional setting on the iOS devices generally, where you can set the wide volume limit of the system.

You will be aware of the maximum level setting. This setting overrules the application volume settings.

It is possible that unknowingly you have set the volume level too low which remains off by default. If you want to verify that, at first go to “Settings”, then go to “Music”, after that find the option “Volume Limit”.

Step 4:

Nest solution is to assure first that, your cool Airpods are fully charged. Check the status of your battery level. If it is low, then get the battery charged. To charge them, you have to place them in their case. Charging your Airpods may fix the sound output problem.

Step 5:

If it has not been fixed yet, then turn off the Bluetooth on your iOS or other device and wait for a few seconds, then again turn that on. For iOS devices, at first go to the “Settings”, then go to the “Bluetooth” option, then turn the Bluetooth off.

In the case of MAC, at first go to “System Preferences”, then find the option “Bluetooth” and do the same.

Step 6:

After trying all these, if the issue still remains the same, then we think it’s time to go for a new pair.

Frequently Asked Questions [FASQs]:-

How do I reset my AirPods without amber light?

With the lid open, hold down it setup button on the case’s back for at least 15 seconds. When the status light on your case changes from amber to white, keep holding down the button. The status light is located on the interior of an AirPods case that charges via wire.

Why won’t my AirPods flash white when I press the button?

If your AirPods aren’t flashing white, there can be a problem during pairing. Likely, some further likely causes include: The AirPods battery is completely empty. AirPods are not in direct touch with the connectors in the charging case.

This article is based on troubleshooting “Airpods Connected But No Sound”. Hopefully, this article helped you to know how you can fix this type of error without having a hassle.

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