How To Pause AirPods: Step-by-Step Guide

This article describes how to tweak the operation of Apple AirPods and How to Pause AirPods on them. All AirPods, including the first generation (Lightning case), second generation (wireless case), & AirPods Pro models, are covered by the instructions.

The functions of the AirPods, then they are much impressive. Users can easily do the controlling of the music along with the functions of the call too. There are actual many ways the pausing the audio in the AirPods.

Users just have to follow them properly to let them understand in pausing sound in it. So, now we are going to tell you how to pause Airpods. If you’re in the middle of something.

Removing the AirPods from The Ears

The easiest and best way is to remove the AirPods from the ears. It can be currently paused from this method. The automatic detection of the ear sensor will do the removal the AirPod and will stop the sound on it.

For removing total control of the AirPod, take out both the AirPods from both ears. It will be available for both iPad as well as iPhone.

Clicking The Force Sensor

pressing the force sensor and holding it for few times will pause the audio on your AirPods Pro. It gives the feeling of the oval shape of the indented form. To unpausing the audio, press it again.

For the switching of the Cancellation of Active voice and the mode of Transparency, the force sensor is used for this too. The cancellation of active noise will block the outside noise, which is a perfect thing to have.

When the users are in a busy street, it is an easy way to perform and do the pausing of the sound. For switching between these two modes, press and hold it for a few seconds.

Double Clicking On The AirPods

This is also the easiest form of pausing the AirPods. Here the users have to double tapping on their earbuds.

1. Begin by opening the Settings app on your device.

2. Click on the Bluetooth option and then on the tab for the connection of the AirPods with the device.

3. After that, click on the I icon which is next to the tab AirPods. Now users can easily get the functions of play or pause by tapping on the required button.

4. In the next form, select the option of Play or Pause.

5. Click on the blue text which is visible on the upward left side to the corner. It will also show the name of the AirPod.

By the use of the AirPods of the second generation, users can simply access by saying Hey Siri pause the music. They can also use various controls for pausing the audio.

The Use Of Siri

With the use of new forms of AirPods Pro, along with the generation of the second form of Airpods, users can say Hey Siri and then ask her to either pause or play the music. By holding the force sensor on the AirPods, users can launch Siri by that also.

But with the first GenersrionAirPods, the proper setup of the AirPods with Siri is necessary when you will double-click on it. Users can perform this by opening the settings and then doing the connection of the AirPods with Bluetooth.

This article is based on a simple step-by-step guide on how to pause AirPods. I hope the readers have understood the different ways of pausing the audio of AirPod.

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