“Airpods won’t Reset” How To Fix It

My Airpods Won’t Reset! How Can I Fix This?

Some moments often come when we need to reset electronic devices that we use daily to take them back into the flow. Airpods are not an exception to that. Sometimes they misbehave so badly that they need a reset. Now, some of us face an issue regarding that too.

They face problems while resetting the Airpods. In this article, we are going to discuss some methods to fix Airpods Won’t Reset error by following which we think you will get your issues fixed while performing a reset.

Fix “Airpods Won’t Reset”: Complete Steps

Follow the below-given steps to get rid of the Airpods Reset issue.

Step 1:

At first, please place your Airpods in their own case and close the lid. Open the lid again, press the “set up button” and hold it for several seconds until you see the lights are flashing white.

Step 2:

You have to disconnect your Airpods from the Bluetooth. On your iOS device, please go to the “Bluetooth Settings” by finding the option in the “setting”. After that, tap on “Forget This Device” and then repair them. Next, restart your paired devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, etc.)  too and then try to perform again.

Step 3:

You can disable the “Automatic Ear Detection” to see if this can fix your problem. You have to go to the “Settings”, then find the option “Bluetooth”, then find your Airpod name and then you can turn that ear detection off. After that, try performing the reset again.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, now you know how to reset Aipods without having a hassle. However, still, your Airpods won’t reset in this case, You’ve to visit your nearest Apple Support Care.

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