How to Screen Share on Discord

Screen Share on Discord: Looking for guide on how to share screen on Discord if you friends or family members. If you are playing games of PC in the online form, then you must be knowing Discord. By going through with this article, you will get to know the screen sharing features in Discord that will benefit both the gamers and non-gamers.

Along with you, nine people can perform the screen sharing simultaneously on the server of discord. You can also conduct the video chat, as by the time when you will Screen Share on Discord.

As the feature of Screen Share on Discord has made discord the powerful software for collaboration in virtual form. It has changed the working of the video conferencing form. The users till now are about 8.2billion and 250 billion users of discord. Discord is becoming the competitor of collaboration tools and business communication due to its Screen Share on Discord features.

Here we have the few easy steps in the accessing of video calling and the Screen Share on Discord.

Let’s begin with a little information on Screen Share on Discord.

What is the Application of Discord?

Discord is the most used tool for communication through online gaming and streaming. It is simply an alternative if Skype for gamers. It is designed especially for helping with the coordination of gamers and communicating with them through the servers of private which will give the allowance for using the voice chat and the text with others.

The Screen Share on Discord is the platform of the full feature of text chat and voice which gives the allowance for Screen Share on Discord of the large or the servers of small chat for the business groups, social, or for the gaming. Though most of the people don’t have the knowledge for screen sharing solution and video calling.

Discord Command

Discord gives the allowance and the other nine friends for performing the video chats live while also the sharing of desktops. Such a feature is internally installed in Screen Share on Discord. None of the other additional programs are needed for it.

The application of Screen Share on Discord performs the basic functions with desktop as well as mobile platforms and includes the features of the chat room, the chatting system of VoIP, and the message board.

Screen Sharing in Discord

This feature of Discord screen-sharing was added in it in the year of 2017 in August. It gives the allowance to the users to use the chat server for interacting and viewing the screen. Other than the screen sharing, you can also GI through the video calling, on the chat servers as it is the in-built feature of Screen Share on Discord.

The screen sharing can be much useful and it makes Screen Share on Discord in the perfect competition to the other meetings and the apps of video calls that are in the present time in the market. Other than the added benefits it has the in-built messaging feature which never puts any of the bandwidth at the time of gaming and streaming. Such features on Discord are free with no doubt.

For the Settings of Video/Camera

Step 1

Firstly, access to the page of Settings. You can perform this by clicking on the cog icon which is located at the right side to the username at the lower hand side to the interface of Discord.

Step 2

From the given menu at the left-hand side, scroll down to find the App Settings, and then do the selection of Voice & Video. Here you can perform the adjustment of settings for the chat of voice and video.

Step 3

Then scroll again to the section of Video Settings and do the selection of the video camera from the given menu of the dropdown. To the right side, the option given there is Test Video. Click on it for the testing of the video to make sure everything is working in a proper way.

Additional Steps for Discord Web Browser

If you are using the app of Discord Browser other than the client standalone, you will require access to enable the camera through the pop-up camera for the successful use of the device. Click on the Allow button for the confirmation of its access.

It will provide permission to Discord in accessing of the phone or the microphone of the computer and the camera for ensuring that everything id working in the proper way.

Screen Share on Discord

Call List Feature

For performing the video call, make sure that your Friends are there on Discord and can be added easily to the calling group. As when each of them in your friend list is ready for the call together, then without wasting a single time, perform it.

If you are not ready for it, go to the Homepage through clicking on the icon of Discord which is located at the leftward side of the given screen. It is just at the upward side of the server’s list where you are affiliated.

Perform the given steps for it:-

Step 1

Firstly, open the list of friends by clicking on the Friends option.

Step 2

Now you can either click on the username of the friend, or you can click on the name which is shown there in the option for beginning the Video call.

Step 3

After clicking on the name of a friend, it will open the DM there. At the upward side of the DM window, you can do the selection for the starting of the video call by clicking on the icon required for it.

If you are in use of the Android agent or iOS, then you can start the video call by clicking on the icon of triple-dot which is located at the upward right side of the given screen in the DM or in the Group Message and can do the selection of the Start Video Call through the given options.

Using the Screen Sharing and Video call features

As when you will start the call, there are various features that you can access for arranging the things that you want. Here we have a few of them which you can perform.

Swapping of the video for Screen Share

The icons that are located at the downward side of the screen will show you the option of swapping the video call for enabling the screen share. You might be knowing the icon of “Video Call” and on the leftward side, it will show you the icon of “Screen Share”. You can swap there between any of them at the time of the call. These are steps for Screen Share on Discord.

User Settings and Mute Toggle

On the right side of the button of “Leave Call”, there is an icon that is similar to a microphone. It is the icon of “Mute Toggle” and it will mute or unmute the microphone when you will click on it. Other than this icon, there is the icon of “User Settings” is there in the Homepage Window of the Discord.

Audio Output

It is located at the upward right side of the given screen at the icon of Switch Camera. It will give the allowance for the swapping of the audio output between the default speakers of the iPhone or the wireless headset. Also, it is there on the iPhone with the speaker on the downside to the right. Those who fit the best with a voice other than video can make the best use of it.

Final Words

The Screen Sharing feature in Discord is for the benefit of the users. You can easily share with others that what you are doing on your screen. Go through by reading this topic and tell us on the comment. Screen Share on Discord can easily be done using this articles.

Is it free to share your screen on Discord?

The nicest thing about Discord is that it does not charge users anything for any of its core services. Create an account, construct a server, increase the number of members on your server, engage in text chat, audio chat, video chat, and screen share—all without spending a dime.

Why is it that I can’t share my screen on Discord?

You might also try emptying the cache for the Discord app if you’re on Android. It’s possible that the functionality that allows you to share your screen is being affected by a temporary file.

Is it Possible to Share Your Netflix Screen on Discord?

It is possible to use Netflix in private groups and share your screen as you watch movies together using the service. Discord gives you the opportunity to show off your gaming abilities to your pals or discuss what you’re up to with them, but it also has a great deal of other functions.

Is it true that Discord is a private platform?

It does make use of basic encryption, however it does not provide full encryption for its video conversations. Even while Discord encrypts data using some kind of simple encryption while it is in transit, it does not employ a more secure end-to-end encryption service like Signal or Telegram does.

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