What Is New In The Windows Terminal

Windows terminal 1.0 is finally here. So we are to know what is new in the latest windows terminal. It is a new command-line tool for windows.

Windows terminal 1.0 and the review version both are now on the market. This is why I am here to explain what is new in the Windows Terminal and how to use it.

You can use version 1.0 to check it out. Alternatively, you can use a review version if you want to involve in development. In this article, I will explain what is it, how to use it, and why is it better.

For starters, It is simply an upgrade of windows CMD. However, it is more powerful, beautiful, and user-friendly. It will help in a seamless workflow. Windows terminal provides better customizability.

There are so many features of the windows terminal. We will talk about them briefly in this article. So let us get started.

What Is The windows terminal?

As I said earlier, it is an upgraded version of CMD. But this time around, It packs more features and customizability. Besides, it is not just an upgrade to cmd. It is a package combining CMD and PowerShell.

There is also an option for Azure cloud Shell, WSL, and SSH. The first preview version was released on June 21, 2019. After that, it was in the development phase. However, It is finally here, and the wait is over.

Its main advantage is multiple terminals at once. Yes! You can use CMD and PowerShell or SSH at the same time in the same window. There will be different tabs for each one. Moreover, it is open-source software.

It gives all the developers a chance to improve it. By doing this, all the bugs are fast to identify and fixed easily. It will boost its development.

What Is New In The Latest Windows Terminal

The new windows terminal packs punch when it comes to features. There is a long list feature of features. However, we will discuss the features that matter the most. The features that make it one of the best terminal emulators. So let’s dive into it.

An impressive Terminal Emulator

With a new Windows terminal, you can do all your terminal work in one place. It comes with support for CMD, PowerShell, WSL, and SSH. No need to open a separate window for different tasks. You can open multiple tabs in a single window.

Do all of your work side-by-side. It is the best utility for a seamless workflow. Moreover, the Windows terminal also creates different profiles. New profile for different versions of PowerShell or Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).

GPU-based Text Rendering

Text is drawn beautifully in the Windows terminal. This is possible due to GPU-accelerated rendering. Terminal feels snappier with this feature. Cascadia Code font is supported for text characters.

The renderer also supports Unicode and UTF-8 character codes. You can also show emojis in the new windows terminal. There is a new option added for glowing text. It looks amazing while working. GPU-based rendering makes working in the terminal more joyful.

Customizability At A Completely New Level

This is a great feature in the latest Windows terminal. It provides a countless amount of customizability. From changing the background color to custom fonts. It packs a fair number of custom options.

You can use different customization for every profile. It makes it easy to work in different profiles. You can use different customization for PowerShell, WSL, or every supported terminal.

Make It Work In Your Way

There is an option for key binding. You do not need to remember any default key bindings. It is easier to work when you create the key binding. It helps to work at ease. That is not it.

You can create profiles for different work. Moreover, you can set different color schemes and key binding for these profiles. Execute one command and you will be good to go.

An Open-Source Software

Yes! This is a community-driven utility. Being open-source opens the doors too fast development. Talented minds around the world work together for development. Fixing bugs and problems is way faster this way than having a team.

Additionally, community contributors have already started working on it. Community contributor ‘Ironman’ added the glowing text feature that I explained earlier. More community development is on the way.

Therefore, we just need to sit back and see what the future holds for the Windows terminal.

More Is On The Way

That’s not it. More features will be added in future updates of the Windows terminal. If you are curious then you can also contribute to its development. There is a preview version available for just this reason.

How To Install And Use Windows Terminal

It is easy to install the windows terminal. You can find the source code on Github. It is best to use the GitHub repo for better stability. Or you can go to the Microsoft store and download it from there. On the Microsoft store, only the preview version is available for now.

So I will recommend getting it from the GitHub repo. After installing it, go to the start menu and launch it. It is easy to use. You will get a CMD-like environment. There click on the arrow on the top to launch different terminal tabs.

This is a great utility. We finally have a modern terminal for windows. Say goodbye to the same old terminal UI. It is a great utility for working with the different terminals in the same place possible. Windows terminal also increases productivity and saves time.

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