How to Install and Use Windows Package Manager Winget

Winget is the new command-line based Package manager for windows. Those who use Linux are already familiar with the package manager. Therefore, if you are a windows user then you might not have heard of this. In this post, I will explain what Winget is and how to install and use the Windows package manager winget. Besides, it’s not rocket science that will be hard to understand. It is a new way to install apps in your windows machine. The preview version is out in the market.  So let us dive into this topic.

What is winget?

Winget is a package manager. Package managers are common in Linux machines but not in windows. To install an app you will search and hunt it down on the internet. This could be a very hassling practice. However, the package manager makes it easier for you. You don’t need to search the depths of the internet. Simply put a single command line to automatically search and install the required app. It is a Linux-like command-line app installer for windows.

How to install and use Windows Package manager Winget?

Winget is available for preview starting from 19 May 2020. However, this temporary and will be included permanently with future windows update. For now, it is only available for preview so windows can work on the bugs and fix them. Installing Winget is a very easy process. There are two ways you can install winget:

First is the Git hub

  • Go to the git hub and download the .appxbundle file.

here is the link:

  • Double click on it then click on update to install.
  • Done, you good to go now.

Second is by using Windows 10 insider program

  • First, install an insider build of Windows 10.
  • Now you need to sign up for the Insider program for Windows package manager,
  • After that, go to Microsoft store and update the App installer package.
  • All done, the winget will be ready to use.

You can use these methods to install the winget on your PC. But both have their disadvantages. By using the git hub method, you won’t get automatic updates. In the insider program method, you have to use an unstable version of the windows. However, this is temporary and winget will be pre-bundled with future windows update. But for now, it is in the preview phase so Microsoft can work out on bugs.

How to use Winget?

After installing Winget, you are all set to use it. It’s not very difficult, you just need to put in some command and you are good to go. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use the winget.

  • You can use Windows PowerShell or command line to use the winget.
  • First, open PowerShell or CMD.
  • Here, type winget to see all the available commands.
  • You can search for an app using the search command.

Winget search appname

  • Here, put the name of the app in the app name.
  • To install an app

winget install app name

  • To gather information about the app use the show command

Winget show app name

  • Use the following command to validate manifest files

winget validate app name

  • Use this command to see the full list of apps available simply put

winget install

In the End!!

Winget has a lot of potentials and will be productive in the future. For now, it’s in the preview phase so don’t expect much from it. Microsoft will surely add some new features and bug fixes in future updates. Winget is a good chance in the traditional way of installing software and app in windows. So sit back and let’s see what future holds for winget.

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