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What is Windows Subsystem for Linux [WSL]

Windows subsystem for Linux is a great utility. It lets you run a Linux distribution side-by-side with Windows. Most of the command and utilities are usable. WSL creates a compatible environment to run Linux in Windows. In this environment, you can run Linux apps, programs, or utilities. It also lets you run the Linux command line. Therefore, what is the Windows system for Linux [WSL] can do or how to use it. We are here to find answers to these questions. So let us get started.

What is New in the Windows Terminal

Windows terminal 1.0 is finally here. So we are to know what is new in the latest windows is an upgraded version of CMD. But this time around, It packs more features and customizability. Besides, it is not just an upgrade to cmd. It is a package combining CMD and PowerShell. There is also an option for Azure cloud Shell, WSL, and SSH.

How to Install and Use Windows Package Manager Winget

Winget is a package manager. Package managers are common in Linux machines but not in windows. To install an app you will search and hunt it down on the internet. This could be a very hassling practice. However, the package manager makes it easier for you. You don’t need to search the depths of the internet. Simply put a single command line to automatically search and install the required app. It is a Linux-like command-line app installer for windows.

2 Steps To Turn off Protected Password Sharing in Windows 10

Protected Password Sharing is an option from which you can share password protect folder and files and only users who have details of your user account and password can only access your system. However, to give direct access to other users you’ve to turn off password protected sharing in Windows. There are some of easy …

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