How Much Does it Cost to Charge an Electric Car (2021)

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Mostly the Electric Car owners and the person like you and me has a common question. How much does it cost to charge an electric car. In this short guide we are going to discuss all about the cost of EV charging along with other options and how to calulate cost.

The Electric Car one of the leading electric device in all across the world and the biggest obstacles potential that buyers of Electric vehilces have regarding the charing of EV cars. such how charing works, what is the budget for charing the electric car and much more. 

Evolution of United States Electric Vehicles Charing Stations

However, learning how to analyze the cost of EV’s charging can actually convert the obstacle into an incentive. As we all know the Electric charging is always less costly compared to the gas powered vehicles. The variety of possibilities makes it difficult to wrap one’s head around EV charging. When it comes to fuel a gas powered car, the only decisions a motorist has to make are which gas station to go to (depending on price and convenience) and what grade of gasoline to use.

When it comes to purchasing a petrol car, we’re not afraid to look at estimates of miles per gallon. All of a sudden, with an electric vehicle, everything changes. But the reallity is the Eelectric charging vehicles, on the other hand, is inexpensive and simple if sny one gets their head around the new calculations and establishes new fuelling habits.

Measure the Cost Per Charge of Electric Charging

We all knows what is the currently price of the gasoline of per gallon and you may also know how many miles per gallon your car. To understand how much an Electric Vehicles owners has to pay per charge and you may also needed to know kilowatt hours an Electric Vehicles uses per mile along with what is the cost of the per hour cost.

What is Kilowaat Hour ?

A watt is a unit of power, while a watt-hour is a measurement of energy consumption. You’ve spent 100 watt-hours if you leave a 100 watt light bulb on for an hour. You’ve used 1000 watt-hours, or 1 kilowatt-hour, if you leave the light on for 10 hours.

How Much Do You Pay For Electricity?

Well, most people likely pay for the electricity based on how many kWh you can consume per month. To determine the cost of the electricity you use per month you needed to examine the electricity bill and can easily calculate the cost per kilowatt.

The national average is $0.13 kWh. However, you wanted to charge your EVs at home then the calculation of the cost of the single charge means multiplying the number of kWh is utilized to charge the battery by the cost per kWh. This simply means when the electric vehicle owner charges its vehicle battery with 26 kWh and pays $0.10/kWh for the electricity the total cost for charging the electric car will be $2.60 for charging the battery.

How Much Electricity Does an Electric Vehicle Use?

To know the real-world price of charging the EV’s vehicles you needed to determine how efficient the car is using the electricity. Which is calculated in Kilowatt-hour per 100 miles. Well, how much kWh does the EV spend in driving 100 miles?

Well figure, This statistic corresponds to miles a gallon (or rather gallons per 100 miles). For instance, an EV with a 25 kWh/100-mile completion percentage may go 4 miles on a single kWh. That very same EV has an effective altitude of 200 miles with 50 kWh batteries.

According to the statistics the average American scales down approximately 40 miles per day. In theory, most electric cars with an efficiency rating of 25kWh /100 miles can use 10 kWh per day. So basically if the owner of that electric vehicle pays $0.10 kWh for the electricity so basically you’re spending almost a dollar per day on the fuel of your EV car. This statistic corresponds to miles a gallon (or rather gallons per 100 miles). For instance, an EV with a 25 kWh/100-mile completion percentage may go 4 miles on a single kWh. That very same EV has an effective altitude of 200 miles with 50 kWh batteries.

Fortunately for the EV’s car, it’s just the opposite they used a very small amount of energy idling but constantly using the power on the highways so the city traffic is more efficient when compared to the highways traffic.

electricity consumption of EV’s Vehicles

The above charts only show the electricity consumption of EV vehicles till 2018, Which clearly shows it is a leading market the electricity consumption will increase in the upcoming future. Well, you can also check out the below-given chart that shows the top ten electric vehicles along with the Wh/km energy consumption.

How Much Does it Cost to Charge an Electric Car (2021)

Different Cost For Ways To Charge The Electric Vehicles

According to the survey, almost 80 percent of the electric vehicles get charged at a home which makes lots easier to calculate the per month charging cost without having a hassle. However many EV vehicles users do not have the home charging feature so they charged their vehicle while travelling from one location to another.

Most of the owners take advantages of the free charging station to charges their EV’s vehicles in the shopping center and some people prefer high-speed charging station available on the highways while there are on the long trip with family and friends.

The conclusion is the cost of charging electric vehicles depends on the location and resources that you’re using to charge your electric vehicle including home charging, high-power electric stations and much more. These are some of the ways to charge EV’s from least to most costly.

Home Charging (off / on-peak): When it comes to the off-peak home charging of EV vehicles when the demand is lower. Because most of the charging is done overnight at the home when rates are low. On other hand in the on-peak home charging comes with a flat rate for electricity chargers but compare to the public rates it may to cheaper.

Free: It’s way too hard to find gasoline for free of cost in the United States. However, some of the businesses try to increase their customers by providing free electric vehicle charging services. But the charging rates are often slower Level 1 compare to other EV’s Charging stations.

Level 2 Public Charging Stations: Moreover the Level 2 Charging stations provide 240 volts similar to the clothes dryers consume, the public charging stations are design way as “Pay-as-you-go” for daily usage. On public charging stations, you can easily enable the charging services for a monthly subscription plan.

High-Speed Public Charging Stations: Most of the high-speed electric charging stations used when charging time rather than cost matter most. The high-speed charging stations provide 50KWH to 250KW (sometimes even higher). Well, not all-electric vehicles accept the full power that high-speed charging points can provide. So most of the time the Electric Vehicles pay high prices for charging their vehicles without taking complete benefits of the services.

Price of Charging Vs Price of Gas

To determine the extract cost for charging your EV’s vehicles thus depends on multiple options and variables. When it comes to the real scenario most of the electric vehicles will get charged on home and public charging stations. According to the Customer Report of 2020, says “fueling the prices of the electric vehicles is way too cheaper about 60 percent compared to the gas-powered vehicles”.

Just similar to the Electricity cost, Gasoline prices vary from state to state and country to country. Here are some of the state’s gas prices in 2021 April. California -$3.91 per gallon, Mississippi – $2.59. According to this the United States Department of Energy calculates what is the flat rate of eGallon cost for each state in the United States.

What is eGallon and Its Cost in the United States?

Technically the eGallon is an amount of electricity required by an Electric Vehicle to travel the same distance similar to the gas-powered vehicle.

According to the March 2021 reports, the lower EV vehicle charging prices were found in the United States (Oklahoma) at a price of $0.81 per egallon. On the other hand, the most costly eGallon prices are found in Hawaii at a price of $2.65 per eGallon. However, in each state of the U.S, electricity charging is way to cheaper when compared to gasoline prices.

Gasoline Gallon vs. Electricity Gallon Prices

Now let us discuss the cost of fuelling a vehicle that every gasoline-powered vehicle pays in different states of the United States. In California the gas-powered card owners pay almost $1950 per year for gasoline and in Mississippi per year cost of gasoline is $1300. When its compared to the Electricity Vehicles’ fuel cost, In California it cost $900 per year for the same distance. In Mississippi, it cost $490 per year

Hopefully you find this short guide useful to better understand the why Electric Vehicles Charging is best and better compare to the gas-powered vechiles in terms of cost and saving the money. Feel free to share your opinons on this guide using the comment box. 

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