How to Reset Samsung Soundbar

Reset Samsung soundbar: As there are many forms of technology out there worldwide though they face a few of the issues before and now. Most of them are quicker while others can cause problems after the usage of them for the long term. For clearing out of such issues, there require some of the percentages of the people who throw the device and purchase the new one.

On the other side, some smarter people look for the online solution and saves a few of the bucks other than purchasing a new one. Here we will discuss all resetting the Samsung Soundbar and the issues related to them. As it is the simplest device though most of the time it may have a few of the connectivity reset Samsung soundbar.

Doing resetting of the Samsung Soundbar is easy to perform and asks for following the required steps for it. Just press and hold the buttons by which the Device will come in the reset mode. As when you will be in the reset mode then you can reset easily the Samsung Soundbar to the settings of the factory to reset Samsung soundbar.

Here we have the full guide on how you can easily reset Samsung Soundbar.

Why to Reset Samsung Soundbar?

As there are various reasons why someone should want to perform the resetting of the soundbar. The main required reason is the issues of connectivity.

Most of the time the Soundbar will refuse for the connection to the TV and whatever you will perform there will not work properly. It is not a problem when you are in use of the wired connection that is HDMI or RCA cable. It will appear only when you will decide on the use of a wireless connection that is Bluetooth.

Also, it can occur that if you will connect the Soundbar to the various devices and if it is not able to connect the to the main device then you just have to check the list of connections and have to scratch everything from there. Another reason which is possible then it can be the Sub Woofer that you have along with the soundbar that is not able to connect there.

Then in such a case, the simple kind of reset will fix all of the problems. Though before when you will try to reset the soundbar, it’s a suggestion for trying some of the troubleshooting and to view if it fixes the issues that you are dealing with.

Perform These Guides Before Resetting

We have given here a few things that you can give a try for fixation of the connectivity issue problems before trying for the resetting of the soundbar. Samsung soundbar is perfectly designed for working along with Bluetooth which is for the enabled devices and Bluetooth has various limitations to reset Samsung soundbar.

Try for rebooting of each of the things like Television, Subwoofer, Soundbar, and pairing of the devices a one more time. Also, try to reset Samsung soundbar to the different television and check whether it works or not.

Check that there are no more obstacles between the television and the reset Samsung soundbar. If you have any of the devices which use a similar frequency that is microwave or the device of medical then do the removing of the range or turn it off and view that it is working or not reset Samsung soundbar.

samsung soundbar not working

Reset Samsung Soundbar

It is the easiest process and any person can perform. Just keep in mind that Samsung has different kinds of soundbars along with the various functions and features. Therefore, the method which will work perfectly on the Soundbar will not be there on different soundbars.

For searching for the correct process for which of the reset Samsung soundbar model that you have of Samsung, then simply do the searching of the User Manual that will come along with the package and will go by it. You will search the exact steps that are there in resetting with the soundbar model of a particular one. If you don’t have the user Manual, then go for some other way for it.

Either go for the checking of online steps or go for a call through the Samsung technical support and they will provide for the technical support and will help with the correct steps for resetting of the particular model. Here we check put for the perfect way in reset Samsung soundbar:-

  • Do the power-on of the reset Samsung soundbar and press hold the off button on the remote or to the soundbar.
  • Hold the power button till it shows the INIT OK on the display of the soundbar.
  • If you have the soundbar of old one without any kind of display, then you will get the red lied blinking and it will stop once then you will find that the resetting is now completed.

Power Problems Troubleshooting :

These are some issues you can face while connecting Soundbar to Samsung TV.

# If the Soundbar is not Turning On

Step 1

Do the confirmation that the power cable of the soundbar is connected properly to the Reset Samsung Soundbar.

Step 2

Then perform the disconnecting of the power cable from the device of intermediate one just like the power bar. Then do the connection of it directly to the outlet of the wall that you find which is working properly. If it still doesn’t turn on, then submit a service request to Reset Samsung Soundbar.

# Subwoofer Not Turning On

Step 1

Take a proper check that the power cable of the subwoofer is in connection with the back of the subwoofer and is directly connected to the power outlet which you have in working form.

Step 2

Check for the button of ID Set which is at the backside of the subwoofer and then insert the paperclip of straightened one in the opening for pressing the button under the hole. It will do the resetting of the subwoofer.

If you find that the Link LED is not turning after resetting though the  Standby LED light is turning on, the subwoofer requires to be linked to the soundbar. If the LED light is not turning on, then it requires service.

Problems of Cable Connection

# Troubleshooting the connections of HDMI

As the Samsung soundbar is in design for working with the TVs that include Audio Return Channel by the use of HDMI cable. If the TB doesn’t have the support of ARC, then by the use of optical cable you can get it.

ARC gives the allowance to the TV for sending as well as receiving the audio along with the video data through the HDMI Out port of the soundbar. The HDMI of soundbars in design for the other kinds of components just like the cable box or the satellite, which is not for the TV.

# Troubleshooting the Bluetooth

As the Samsung soundbars are in design with the enabled devices of Bluetooth like the tablets and the smartphones which can send the audio by the use or A2DP Bluetooth. The Samsung soundbars are not in design for working with the Bluetooth headphones or with the Bluetooth speakers.

Final Words

The Samsung Soundbars are perfect as they are designed for the connection with the TV and it gives the best experience of audio. As we know that the TV speakers are not capable of providing the perfect audio and it is the reason because of which, the manufacturers provide the Reset Samsung Soundbar.

Here we discussed how you can reset Samsung soundbar and how to troubleshoot them. Give a read to the topic and go for more.

Which brand, Sony or Samsung, offers a superior soundbar?

The Samsung HW-Q700A is an all-around superior soundbar than the Sony HT-Z9F in terms of performance. The Samsung offers a superior soundstage performance, and due to the fact that its speakers fire upward, it also has a superior Atmos performance. It also has other sound improvement capabilities, such as a graphic EQ, which is great for personalising its sound and is included in its standard package.

When using a soundbar, is a subwoofer still necessary?

A subwoofer is not necessary for the sound quality of a soundbar. A soundbar often has numerous internal speakers, each of which is capable of producing a high-quality sound on its own; however, a subwoofer is necessary for many soundbars to create low frequencies.

Is the sound quality of Bose soundbars superior than that of Samsung?

Even though the Bose Smart Soundbar 700 can easily be converted into the Bose Smart Soundbar 700 with Speakers + Bass Module, the Samsung HW-Q80R is a soundbar that is superior than the Bose Smart Soundbar 700 on its own. The Samsung is equipped with a dedicated subwoofer and boasts an enhanced bass range in addition to a higher maximum volume level.

Is the Samsung sound bar compatible with all televisions?

Any brand of television may be used with a Samsung soundbar. They come with a variety of configuration choices, including as HDMI, HDMI ARC, digital optical, AUX, WiFi, and Bluetooth connectivity. Although HDMI is generally considered to be the superior alternative, any of these other methods may be used successfully with almost any TV.

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