How To Fix Nintendo Switch Won’t Turn On

Just like any other electronic device, The Nintendo Switch isn’t perfect just like any other device and you may face some issues. In case if you switch won’t turn on, unresponsive, or won’t charging then you can easily resolve these problems on your own. In this article, we are going to share some of the quick fixes of Nintendo Switch that you can very helpful for you. If you’re facing these issues.

Why My Nintendo Switch Won’t Turn on

If you Nintendo Switch won’t turning on then there are some fixes that can be performed on your own.

1. Plug into the Charging

Does this sound what I already know about it? But we forget this sometimes the switch has to be charge enough to be get started. Unless when you turn on your Nintendo Switch its LEDs will be starts flashing with a battery indicator that tells the device needs to be a charge. However, if the device does not have enough power it won’t show the battery flash, which means the battery of your Switch is totally drained or empty.

To fix this, you need to charge your Switch with the official Nintendo Switch Power Adapter that comes with the game console and leave the switch for an hour. And wait for the magic you’ll going to be totally surprised.

charge nintendo switch

2. Perform A Hard Reset

In case if the charing, doesn’t do anything to resolve the issue then you need to perform a hard reset on the Nintendo switch. You can perform a hard reset on the switch by Press & Hold power button on the top of the console (not the home button). Technically, Press & Hold the power button for approx 15 seconds and then leave the power button from frim finger force and press again (like you do to turn on the switch).  Now the switch will start working again.

Nintendo Switch Won’t Charge

If your Nintendo Switch won’t getting charge then you can perform some of the methods that are given below to resolve the issue without having a hassle.

# Use Official Nintendo Switch Power Adapter For Charging

If you’re using a non-official charging adapter to charge your Switch then, in this case, you must know the non-standard protocol power adapter cannot be able to charge the Nintendo Switch properly. To quickly resolve the Switch not charging issue use the official Nintendo Switch Power Adapter.

# Power Cycle The Switch Power Adapter

It seems outlandish, but there are lots of amount of gubbins inside that power adapter that blocking the power flow. To fix this, you can easily Unplug the Switch Adapter from both sides and leave it for almost 40 to 60 seconds this will reset the things to default.

# Check For Damage on Power Adapter

You must check if your Switch Power Adapter is damaged. Because this will also cause for Switch not charging issue, you’ve to check both the ends of the power adapter, check the USB-C plug if there are any beds pins that not allowing to connect the Switch. This may also cause short of power and Nintendo Switch is not getting a proper power supply to get charge.

# Try Out Other Power Adapters

If you’ve other or duplicate power adapter of Switch you can also try it out. Else you can ask your friend to get you a favor and use their power adapter to check if your Switch is getting a charge from any other official Nintendo Power Adapter and its working fine by another adapter. Then this means your Switch charger is damaged and you need to replace the Switch Power Adapter to charge your Switch console.

# Leave The Switch For Charing For Few Hours

In some cases, the battery of the device is totally empty or drained the device is needed to charger it slowly for safety purposes. You’ve to charge your switch console for few hours, just plug the power adapter to the power supply and connect it to the switch for charing (that you do daily for charing your switch) and leave it for approx 3 to 4 hours. If its shows no signs of charing or power then leave it for 12 to 24 hours and still it doesn’t fix the issue, then try to hard reset the switch.

switch not charging

Your Last Option To Fix Switch Charging Issue

In case, if you’ve tried all the above-given methods and still your Nintendo Switch Won’t Turn On or not charing. Then, in this case, you must contact Nintendo Switch Customer Support and explain your issue in detail. Nintendo will get your switch repaired.

Third-Party Repair Shops?

Do not go to any unauthorized repair shop to getting your switch repaired. The reason for this is they are trustworthy, hardworking and knowledgeable but they don’t authorize official repair shops because they don’t have complete knowledge of getting devices repaired.

You must go to the Nintendo Store or Nintendo Switch Customer Care near your local area to get your Switch repaired for free if your switch is under warranty period you all need to pay the processing fee.

Final Words

If you’re thinking to repair your Nintendo Switch on your own with the help of a screwdriver. I can tell you this can be even more dangerous. You’ve even not seen inside the Switch before it has wires, circuits, heatsinks, resistors, etc. It’s not like that you can easily use cartridge slot and fixed it.

Visit the Nintendo Switch customer care store, Before that call, the Nintendo Switch customer support and explain your switch condition. They will further assist you safely.

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