Call an Extension Number (Android, iOS, Landline)

If you are going to give an attempt for calling to the required department or any of the known organizations, then it becomes the frustrating situation of how, to begin with, this process. It even goes to the forced way when you have to begin with the voice menus.

Though such systems give the full purpose to the individuals with the required queries to the directed office. Also, a series is created there where hurdles begin with the callers when they don’t have the knowledge with whom they have to speak.

Such systems are none other than the means for connection with the caller and learning how to convey with them. The requirement here is just the proper extension number. The necessary thing here is the process for connecting through the extension number for where we have to reach.

Here we will get to know how to dual an extension number. It also saved the energy as well as the time of the user.

What is an Extension Number?

An extension number is in the form of an internal number in the short form which is provided to the employee. It is also given to the department or the project team of the business number.

Extension numbers give the allowance to the big companies in getting connected to various departments along with the employees.

Along with this, many types of shortcuts are also available out there which will save time when we go for calling the extension numbers. We can go through with various operating systems and can use the smartphones for dialling extension numbers.

An easy method for calling an Extension Number

One of the best method and also the most straightforward one for performing to call an extension number of which you know is to do the use of the system of a voice menu.

These services provide the greater opportunity in inputting the extension number which we require just before performing the launching of it to the voice menus.

As it is providing a better opportunity, it is the perfect approach in straight away form for the completion of the main objective. If we are giving a try in searching the extension number through the individual, then the correct extension number is required.

If any wrong extension number gets dialled, then it can ruin the whole situation as there are various extension numbers available out there.

Calling an Extension Number

There are various procedures available for calling the extension number. We can go through with various devices for performing this.

Here we have the various procedures explained:-

Procedure 1 (Android Devices)

Step 1

Firstly, do the selection of the number on which you want to make the call and dial it. With the help of the dialer app, enter there the number and go further.

Step 2

Now add there a pause if you need to enter the extension early when the link is picking up. If the number on which you are calling gives you the allowance for entering there the extension just after the pickup, then the function of pause will enter the extension in the automatic form after waiting for a while.

Do the holding of the button of * for adding there a comma (,) at the end of the number. Such a symbol indicates the pause for two seconds just before the extension is dialed.

If it is not working, then click on the button of which is available at the next number and then do the selection of Addpause. If such a thing is also not in working mode, then by the use of the number field open the on-screen keyboard, type there a comma.

We can also ass there various commas to wait there for more time. It will be helpful for the phone systems which will wait before entering there any extension.

If you are on the Windows phones, commas will be types in another app. You have to copy it and then paste it to the end of the number.

Step 3

Add there wait if you find that the extension will get dialed only after the plays of the full menu. Most of the extensions are not allowed to enter there till the menu service of automated service plays there.

The function of wait will show the extension on the screen and you have to indicate when it can be entered there.

Hold the button of # for adding there the semicolon; at the end side of the number. Such a symbol gives the indication of wait and also the extension of subsequent one and it will not get dialed till you permit them.

If you are in use of Windows Phone, then we have to add their w other than the a”;”. It requires to be copied and have to be pasted from the app to the other one.

Step 4

After the symbol, type there the extension number. Just after the symbol, the extension needs to be added which you want your phone to dial automatically.

Step 5

The phone will now start dialing the number. When it gets dialed, it will either dial the extension which you have entered there or it will indicate when the extension should get dialed.

Step 6

If such an extension is needed most of the time, then such a number can be saved to the phone contacts. Such extension symbols along with the numbers can be easily saved.

Procedure 2 (iOS Devices)

Step 1

Firstly, open the Phone app on your iOS device such as iPhone or iPad.

Step 2

Now dial the required number which you want to call.

Step 3

Do the holding of the symbol of * till the comma appears on the screen.

Step 4

Enter there now the extension number just after the comma.

Step 5

Click on the button green and it will dial the person straight away to whom you need to reach.

When you will perform this, take a proper check that you are holding the button of * for a long time to turn it into a comma. It gives the action a pause and allows the phone that it’s giving a dial to the extension.

Step 6

Now open the app of the phone and do the selection of contacts.

Step 7

Do the creation of a new contact by clicking on the + sign located at the upward side to the corner of the Contacts app.

Step 8

Search there the contact number which you need to add the extension and then click on it. Then click on the Edit located at the upward right corner.

Step 9

Click on the number in which you are adding the extension. The keyboard will now show the tab of special characters at the downward corner. Now click on the special characters.

Step 10

Click on the pause button for inserting there a comma. Now enter there the extension. Tap on the Done button to save it.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the call a extension number with complete information.

How do I call someone with an extension number?

In order to call on someone extension number you need to follow these steps. Press and hold * after dialing the primary number. The number you’re dialing is preceded by a comma (,) After this you need to add a semicolon, press and hold# after dialing the primary number ( ; ). After the semicolon, type the extension number and then press the call button.

How does call extension work?

Call extensions allow you to include phone numbers in your adverts, which can boost clickthrough rates dramatically. People can tap or click a button to call your business directly when your call extensions show. That implies more chances for customers to engage with your ads and for you to get and track conversions.

What does ext mean in phone number?

When referring to a specific telephone number, the written shorthand for extension is Ext. Call 206-555-7115, ext. 1 for a complete festival schedule.

How to dial extension Android

On Android, use the “Phone” app to dial an extension by entering the main contact number. Long-press “*” until a comma appears for the “Pause” approach. Long-press “#” until a semi-colon appears for the “Wait” approach. Then, following the comma or semi-colon, add the extension number.

How do you dial a phone number with an extension?

When dialing, after entering the main number, press and hold the 0 key until a + appears, then enter the extension number. When adding a phone number with an extension to a new contact, follow the same processes.

Summing Up

Here we get to know about the extension number and how you can go with it on various devices. The discussion here was made for Android as well as for the iPhone.

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