How to Create Rules in Gmail – Step by Step Guide

The rules that are created are in actual the filters that can be applied to Gmail. It will help the users in making the emails and their accounts a safe place for use. It will help in keeping the unwanted emails out of our need. As we need these rules in a proper category which are important for keeping the emails safe and also protect them from the scammers out of their reach. Filters provide an automatic safeguard to your email following which can easily delete the one which is not required.

How To Create Rules In Gmail or Google Mail

Therefore, for its use, here are the various steps that need to be followed for creating the rules in Gmail.

Step 1:

Firstly, you have to sign in to your given account of Gmail as it will open your home page. After that in the given right side top there is a search bar where you can find search mail.

Step 2:

Now here you can see the search mail bar where you have to click on the arrow located at the end of the given search bar.

Step 3:

Here you can find the details regarding the files you have to create. These given details will enable you to create an accurate search for whatever you are looking for.

Step 4:

Now, as you have added all your required details, you have to go to the search option. Or in other cases, you have to go to the create filter option for creating filters.

Step 5:

By going on the create filter option you can find that the required options are available for performing the actions that you want to perform. Now you have to choose a certain filter which is required, by following the instructions from the given email ID.

Step 6:

Now you can easily select the required function or more than one function for your purpose. It will enable you in getting the easy way of sorting out your emails.

Step 7:

After that, click on the create filter option for creating the filter and you can see that the filter is created here. Now the time you can see any email from the required specifications, it will at that time only get filtered automatically.

Step 8:

Or also you can go to the search bar for getting the filters done instead of the addition of the recipients that you want like of the subject words and can create a filter for a specific address of filter.

Step 9:

Click on the create filter option as it will come in an automatic way of criteria that can be easily adjusted as there are no limits for adding the filters.

Step 10:

Now go to the blocked address which will enable you in creating the filter from the same place. In it, you can easily delete the edit and can change the functions of the filter that are created already there.