How to Make a Cake – Step By Step Guide (Screenshots)

How to Make a Cake

The cake is the only dish that no one of any age can regret to. It is the mist delicious and demanding dish throughout the world. At the birthday party, at the wedding or at any of the occasions, the cake is the best option for the dish and it also excites everyone. Cakes of different flavours are the best way of getting a good taste. The best solution for the hunger of children is the best option for cake. You can easily bake it and grab it. The cake is also enriched with full of cream and delicious flavours which enables everyone to eat it.

Here is the recipe for making a cake. Ingredients and directions are shown below:-


Here we are making a chocolate cake. So for that, the ingredients are:-

  • a cup of cocoa powder is required.
  • three cups of flour.
  • three cups of sugar.
  • one spoon of salt.
  • a spoon of baking soda.
  • four eggs.
  • three to four cups of oil.
  • two spoons of vanilla essence.

How to Make a Cake

Procedure – Step by Step Guide

Step 1:

Firstly, heat your oven according to the temperature of 350 degrees. Now spray the paper with the preheat of cooking spray.

Step 2:

Spread the cocoa powder and then boil the water in a bowl. Put the flour, sugar baking soda and also the salt in a combined bowl.

Step 3:

Now add the vegetable oil and eggs also the vanilla cream and mix it for two minutes slowly.

Step 4:

Add the cocoa mixture to the batter and then mix it for a few moments. Now combine the mixture together and then give it a slow store form.

Step 5:

After dividing the batter, you have to prepare the pans against the counter and then insert a toothpick at the middle of it. Put it for the time limit of 45 minutes.

Step 6:

Now open the steam and with the help of a knife remove the patch and cool it completely. Now lower the top of the cake and then make the vanilla toppings according to the requirement.