Why Does Chrome Uses So Much RAM [Explained]

As we all know that Google Chrome is the most famous and most used web browser worldwide. The one disadvantage feature in it is that it does use a higher amount of the memory of the desktop.

If you will go through with the look of your Task Manager then the results will shock you with its number of memory. The process is in a higher form of Google Chrome in Task Manager.

Here we have gone through with the various reasons for it and its better explanation.

What is A RAM?

RAM stands for Random Access Memory. It is the short-term memory of a computer. There is not a single program on the computer which doesn’t require RAM. It is the working space on your computer. The data storage and is the super-fast function performer.

RAM has been tested as a fast worker than the hard disk. It is about more than twenty times quicker. Most of the information is also saved in RAM for future use. There comes 4 GB of RAM, 8GB, and 16GB. It requires upgrading the RAM every time for its better performance in the device.

Chrome Uses So Much RAM

Use of RAM by Google Chrome

It is the point of thinking. When we are at the time of working on the computer, and we are the use of watching videos on YouTube, surfing in various tabs, doing the use of extensions as well as apps whole performance is captured in the RAM. This is the point of various stuff that is performed by the system.

As Google Chrome accesses the splitting of all of the tabs along with the extensions into the process of its own. Therefore, if any of the things crashes there, it will not bring down the full web page or the whole opened tabs at the same time.

It is a better convenient thing to have. Though it can take the system to the higher use of the memory of Google Chrome for performing the same tasks for each of the tabs.

Various things are performing which are not even visible to us. The various features of Google Chrome as if we take of the usage of higher memory in it. Though it makes the web browser load in a higher way. Most of the extensions on the websites may also go into the situation of leakage of the memory and can even result in the usage of higher RAM in times.

The more extensions as well as tabs you have made into the installation, and run them, the more memory of Google Chrome will be there for us.

The answer to the use of much RAM by Google Chrome is yes. Though such a thing is there for a better reason. As various tabs are in use by the users at the same time and it is measured in Gigabytes by RAM.

Use of High RAM is Positive

Higher memory in the Task Manager column may take the users into shock mode. Though it is necessary to remember that the free RAM is a bit useless one.

RAM is there in the system for a reason. If the computer stores various kinds of stuff in the memory of the short-term, then it can retake various things more quickly anytime after.

Though if the system doesn’t require the various kinds of stuff, then it can make the purpose for the different programs which will require such resources. If you find that the RAM is empty, and is not in use, then none of the benefits have been provided to you.

In such a logic, having RAM full of memory is a better thing for you. It goes into the bad side when the RAM is full in a constant form and is lowering the working of the system.

If the accessing power is requiring a bit more memory than the computer has, then it swaps most if the memory of the short term to the hard drive of the computer. Then it can result in a bit slower form.

In this situation, it is a recommendation not to flip as Chrome is using much more RAM. It simply means that it is performing the job of itself. It is requiring a lot of RAM which you are accessing on the computer. The issue here is only with the addressing form and nothing else.

Curbing Google Chrome’s RAM use

Now we get to know, why Google Chrome uses a lot of RAM. Though it is causing the slowing down of the system, then for that we have two of the solutions. Either we can lower down the usage of RAM in Google Chrome, or we can get some more RAM for the system.

Such a thing is much easier to perform on a desktop computer. But it becomes difficult to get on a laptop if the upgrade is not there in it. If such a situation appears there with you, then you have to go for a fall back on another plan. For that, the need is there for sacrificing the few memory to save some of the RAM.

Searching What is Disturbing the Memory of RAM

For performing this, firstly open Google Chrome and then press the keys of Shift + Esc. If you are in use of Mac, then go towards the Windows and click on Task Manager.

It will show the users a look of more accurate one of how much memory of tab as well as the extension is capturing.

We can go to the column of Memory for sorting from the highest use of RAM to the lower part. When you will perform this, there will be a great idea in your mind where you can go for a start.

Managing the Usage of Tabs

Most people have difficulty surviving with a few of the tabs. There are a few of the extensions that can help them. Installation of more and more extensions to go up with the usage of RAM can come in the situation of the counter issue but can be a more dent.

There is Session Buddy, One tab, and The Great Suspender are the best extensions available which give you the allowance for saving the tabs and opening them later on.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the Why does chrome use so much RAM with complete information.

How do I stop Chrome from using so much RAM?

In order to stop chrome from using so much RAM you need to follow these steps. 1. Tabs that aren’t in use should be closed. 2. Run a Malware Scan to see if your computer is infected with malware. 3. Enable Hardware Acceleration if it isn’t already enabled. 4. Remove any browser extensions that are incompatible. 5. Making a new Google Chrome User Profile. 6. Turn off the Site Isolation option. 7. Toggle on Use a prediction service to speed up page loading.

Why is Chrome so heavy on RAM?

Chrome creates a new process for each tab. This is to ensure that you have a speedy browsing experience while also maintaining a high level of stability. As a result, when you have numerous open tabs in your browser, additional processes must be performed. As a result, Chrome consumes a lot of memory.

Can you lower Chrome RAM usage?

To do so, open Chrome Settings and select Advanced > System from the drop-down menu. “Continue running background apps while Google Chrome is closed” should be turned off. When all Chrome browser windows are closed, this ensures Chrome doesn’t use any RAM. It’s important to keep in mind that not all Chrome apps run in the background.

How much RAM does Chrome actually use?

Each new tab that you open in the browser uses additional RAM. Depending on the media content, 15 tabs in Chrome can utilize anywhere from 1 GB to 2 GB of memory. Copy chrome:/memory-redirect/ into your browser to see how much memory your Chrome tabs and addons use.

Is 4GB RAM enough for Chrome?

Technically, 4 GB of RAM is sufficient for a Chromebook, but 8 GB is optimal.

Summing Up

Here we get to know about how and why Google Chrome uses a lot of RAM. We discussed here a lot more of how you can cover up the RAM for its let’s usage. Give a deep read to it.

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