10 Best VPN for Google Chrome to Access Blocked Website

 What is a VPN?

For accessing the blocked sites, you need to have the best VPN for that purpose. There are various best servers implemented on the sites of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. So here will be explained the ten best VPNs which will enable you to access blocked sites by the use of google chrome extensions.

Best VPN Software For Google Chrome Web Browser

Here are the VPNs listed below one by one:-


Surfshank is one of the best and most useful VPN service providers to access all blocked platforms using google chrome. You can easily get this VPN from its official website without having a hassle.

2. Dot VPN

It is the best VPN that will provide you to access all the websites, audios and videos and also it gives restrictions to websites by providing good applications and is free to use with your chrome.

3. Hotspot Shield VPN

This VPN enables you to secure your computer from the attacks of cyber problems which disturb the network and also provides help with the knowledge of blocked websites. With the help of this VPN, you can also get the security of your browser activities as well as level encryption.

4. Touch VPN

In touch VPN you can easily access the websites with better protection and can get rod of hackers from anywhere. This is the best VPN for the purpose of unlimited issues to be recovered. It also never asks for your credit information and also never ever saves any of your activities of the browser.

5. Express VPN

It is one of the most famous VPN that is used in the windows of your computer. which includes android, windows, iOS, etc. and it also enables browser extension which provides an easy way for its connectivity with the device.

6. Nord VPN

It is one of the leading services by providing the best need in the world of Linux and windows. As if we take in the network you can easily choose your location from the various countries. It also provides the best extensions of chrome which can be easily used as an accessing content in any of the places.

7. Tunnello VPN

It is the fastest and the most perfect form of VPN,  which enables a good way of giving the security to your connectivity and also accessing anything which is blocked on your required network. It also never breaks your connection and also provides the key exchange in the best way.


This VPN will allow you to get you to open the blocked websites in your browser. For that, you have to go to your browser and get the configuration of the offers and your sites of the chrome. It also provides the best solution to the servers and proxies.

9. TunnelBear VPN

It is a normal extension providing help for the purpose of connectivity with the browser with the fast network configuration with connection to many countries. It provides good data for services and also for regular browser use.

10. Windscribe

This application includes the extension of the browser, which works properly for the purpose of blocking the tracking,  ads and accessing the content by providing privacy and safety to the users.

11. VPN Unlimited

It helps in protecting your privacy and then you can easily rate and get the best surf to your network by getting the chrome help by the extension of the worldwide websites.