How to lock the screen on Mac – Step by Step Guide

Everyone should go for selecting or activating the lock screen option while working on their laptops publicly or privately. It is always considered as a safe option. If you are a MAC user and you do not know how to enable lock screen on Mac, then please read this article carefully till the end. We will be discussing here some simple steps following which you could easily enable the option for your data safety.

How To Lock The Screen On Mac

Before going into the lock screen activating method, please keep in mind that you need to be ready with your password that had been set earlier.

You can lock the screen in more than one way.

  • You can lock the screen by using the Shortcut key option:

Using a key combination, you can easily lock the screen on your MAC. Pressing that key combination will instantly result in locking the screen and after that, if you want to enter into the home screen, you will be required to enter your password again. The key combination is the control key, cmd key, and q. Press them all together.

  • You can lock the screen by using the Apple menu option:

At first, take the mouse pointer to the top-left corner of the screen and left-click on the “Apple logo”. A list of options will come out. You can find there an option named as “Lock Screen”. Left-click on that to lock the screen until you reenter your password.

  • You can lock the screen by using Hot Corners option:

To lock your screen using the Hot Corners option, first you had to open the “System Preferences” then select “Desktop & Screen Saver > Screen Saver”. Then click on the “Hot Corners” button which is on the bottom right of the window.

After clicking on “Hot Corners” button a panel will be opened. In this panel you will see a list of drop-down menu options for each corner & the action which it will trigger. Select a particular corner (only select that corner in which your mouse or trackpad will not visit frequently) then in action bar select “Lock Screen” option.

That’s it. Now whenever you drag your mouse or trackpad to that particular corner of the screen your screen will be automatically locked.