WiFi Connected but No Internet Guide

Here in this article, we have a list of troubleshooting methods that resolve the WiFi Connected but No Internet issue in no time.

The world has revolutionized from the situation it was in after the arrival of Technology. Technology has made great changes in the whole world which are appreciable and accepted heartily by everyone.

After the arrival of technological gadgets, the world has been the highest evolution, and most of the people make their day-to-day survival with the usage of technological gadgets.

Technological gadgets surround us, and the entire credit for this situation goes to digitalization. Digitalization has brought down great changes in the whole world, and one of the revolutionary changes has been the Internet.

The Internet has been a blessing to numerous people all around the world. It is the only media through which people from one corner of the world could connect to the other corner without any problem.

Internet and networking have been the biggest benefits of the digitalization process which the world has.

The Internet has been a basic survival essential in today’s date as most people’s work, including education, can be completed only with a proper internet connection.

But with the passing time having just an internet connection is not enough. People in today’s date have been looking for an internet connection with high-speed connectivity, which is only possible with Wi-Fi.

connected no internet

What is Wi-Fi, and why is it common in use?

Wi-Fi is and wireless internet connectivity system which provides internet connectivity to different devices in its range.

The bandwidth of networking connection of Wi-Fi is very high for which provides a higher speed internet connection.

Most of the officers and corporations have high-speed internet connectivity connected to the world, which is very important for the companies.

But many people reported that they say a Wi-Fi connectivity problem which is also very common. This problem is that the WiFi is connected, but there is no internet access available to the person.

Why does the Problem Occur?

This is one of the biggest problems which most Wi-Fi users atrophy in today’s date. Having an internet connection is very important, and the people who use Wi-Fi look forward to having a continuous high-speed internet connection in their range.

But when no internet fights off the Wi-Fi being connect is a very terrible situation for the user.

This mostly happens because of a problem faced by the Wi-Fi router where it faces a problem connecting to the fiber it is originally connected with.

When the Wi-Fi router feels like gaining signals of the Internet from the fiber, it also creates a problem in showing connectivity to the device connected to the Wi-Fi.

Despite being a huge problem, this problem has a solution that any person can easily do.

How To Factory Reset A HP Laptop

Reboot The Device

This is one of the first steps which any person should take to have an internet connection in the Wi-Fi despite the device being connected to the router.

The device is restart the router has better accessibility because the entire IP table has been restate. A person should restart the router and the modem if the person has one.

The person should wait for 30 seconds and then start their router once again. The rebooting method helps reboot the entire table, making it a lot more beneficial for the router to connect to the Internet.

Check-In Router and Modem Lights

Many people think that the device connected to the Wi-Fi has a problem with an internet connectivity error. But it is also possible for the router and modem to have certain problems, such as an internet connectivity error that people face.

Checking on the modem light is the primary thing everyone should perform when facing this connectivity problem.

WiFi Router Light

The modem lights should constantly be blinking and should not be off or on for a constantly long period.

If a modem is constantly stable with its light, it should be understood that it has a certain problem. And the person to restart the modern immediately.

Internet Server Provider (ISP) is Down

One of the most genuine reasons for internet connectivity is down for a long period for most people is the ISP.

When the ISP is down, then it means that the fiber has a certain problem connecting with the Internet. This is a very genuine problem to face by most users and usually has no solution until the isp is connected once again to the connection.

Presence of any Security Application

The presence of any security application can make it very problematic for most Wi-Fi users to get connectivity to the Internet.

Most of the antiviruses have been designed in a specific way to protect the device. So, it protects from the viruses and malware that are present over the Internet.

Windows Firewall block internet

This indicates that if the virus is identified as the antivirus present in the device, then the device blocks the entire internet connectivity.

There would be no connection to the Internet on the device. This can be fixed by changing the antivirus settings very easily; the person needs to grant access to the anti-virus to access the Internet without the proper scan to get connectivity back onto the device.

Using the Built-in Troubleshooter

Most WiFi users are provided with a troubleshooting program, and usually, most of the devices also have the same feature.

This is one of the essential methods which people can follow to fix this huge problem. When the person runs the troubleshooting program on the device and the router.

Audio Renderer Error

It automatically sets and tries to figure out the problem with his leading to the connectivity error. The troubleshooter is present in most windows and Mac computers.

This tool is actress efficient in identifying the problem and fix it all by itself to provide great connectivity.

To do the same, a person needs to go to the networking section of the computer. And then click on the troubleshoot program.

After clicking on the same, the computer automatically checks the entire connectivity system and identifies the error.

Update Wireless Driver

Most of the time the Wifi connected but no internet issue can be occur due to the outdated version of the Wireless driver.

To fix this you only needed to update the Wifi driver on Windows using the device manager. Follow the below given step by step instructions to better understand the entire process.

1. Go to the Start Menu and search for Device Manager and open it.

2. Navigate to the “Network Adapter” and click to expand it.

update Wifi Driver Windows 10

3. Now, Right-click on the Wifi driver to open the menu option list.

4. From the menu list, select “Update Driver” and hit “OK” button.

After updating the wireless driver on your computer, disconnect the internet connection or the WiFi and re-connected it and check if the internet start working.

Disable and Enable Internet Connection

To find what really causing the issue with the internet connection. You’ve to diagnose the internet network connection.

Follow the steps to know how you can easily enable and disable the internet connection on your computer to fix the problem.

1. Press the Windows + I keys together to open the Windows Settings.

Windows 10 Internet Settings

2. Go to the “Network & Internet” section and “Change Adapter Options”

change wifi settings

3. Now right click on the Wifi icon and select “Disable” and wait for few seconds.

disable wifi on windows 10

4. Again follow step 3 and select the “Enable” option.

This will clear the temporary errors that causing with the internet connection. Now reconnect with the internet and check if its start working.

Are these Solutions Permanent?

Many people question if these methods are a permanent solution to the problem, and the answer is no.

Internet connectivity is the problem that most WiFi users would face over some time. Internet connectivity has no certainty, and it depends upon a lot of factors.

But these solutions mentioned above are solutions that should fix this problem every single time it arises.

This means that every single time up some cases this problem. They can follow the steps mentioned above and solve them very easily.

Most Wi-Fi users usually face this big problem most of the time. Fixing the problem does not take much longer, and the process is also hassle-free.

The best part about fixing the problem is that anyone does not require professional assistance, and the person can easily do it. WiFi provides high-speed internet connectivity, which makes the usage of the Internet a lot more beneficial.

Alright! readers this the end of this short guide, well you might find this article helpful to know, how to fix when WiFi is connected but no internet connection on the device.

In case if you any other queries related to the internet or the Windows, Mac, Android, iOS etc. Feel free to ask us, we will try our best to resolve your technical issues with our technical experts.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the WiFi Connected But No Internet with complete information.

Why does my WiFi say connected but no internet?

WiFi connection but no Internet is sometimes caused by an old, obsolete, or faulty network driver. A small yellow mark in the name of your network device or in your network adapter can often indicate a problem.

Why is my Android phone connected to WiFi but no internet?

A technical issue with your router is a common cause why your phone has a WiFi connection but no Internet access. If your router has any flaws or issues, it will influence how your devices, including Android devices, connect to the Internet.

Why is my Android TV connected to WiFi but no internet?

To begin, switch off all of your electronic devices. You’ll have to wait a few minutes before starting to turn them back on one at a time. The modem, router, and Android box should be installed in that order. Your connectivity troubles should be resolved now that everything is turned back on.

Why does my phone say connected to WiFi but no internet?

It may appear simple, but it solves around half of the Wifi-related issues on Android. If your phone still won’t connect to the internet despite being connected to a WiFi network, try turning the WiFi toggle off and on to see if it solves the problem.

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