How To Fix Vast Error In Google AD Manager

The Vast error codes continue for disrupting the experience of publishers when they give try to leverage the advertising of video to increase revenue.

Video advertising has become the question of outdated one for the publisher either you do or no experience with it. For the maximization of its revenue, publishers focus on their experiment on the advertising of programmatic video.

As per Cisco, 82% of the whole Internet traffic of consumers will be in videos of online form by the year-end of 2022. It is normal if the users to consume the content of the video which is more than the other forms, by allowing publishers to insert ads there in between.

Though video advertising appears with its advantages in their way. Due to the technological advancements that are made in the measurement of the performance of video ads, the publishers are still facing messages of Vast Error.

Such error codes of VAST are cryptic to the most in nature and render the publishers with the loss of their main time.

If publishers require their video advertising campaigns to gain success, then how to interpret and how to solve such VAST error codes is necessary.

Here we have listed a few of the common Vast Errors and how the publishers can do resolving of them:-

Various VAST Error Codes and Solution

1. Error 301

Such an error is of Timeout of Vast Error URL. The Vast Error indicates that the timeout of the unresponsive or the issues under the URL of the VAST occurs.

Though the experts of ad tech have associated the improper connection of network or the higher level of latency as the root cause for this error.

For solving this VAST error, go for the given solutions listed below:-

1. Do the checking of the validity of the Vast Error URI. In most cases, such an error appears due to the invalid or unreachable URI. By making sure and checking that the URI becomes reachable and without the faults should solve such an error.

2. By checking the connection of the network you can solve such an issue. Due to the Internet of faulty ones, the request time out appears there.

3. Checking of the protocol issues can do the solving of such an issue. Most of the time the URL is hosted on HTTP though it is served on HTTPS.

Vast Error
Vast Error

2. Error 302

The VAST error is shown at the time when the wrapper limit gets exceeded. The video player of ads includes the pre-defined wrapper limit. At the time when the limit is at its higher level, such an error occurs there.

It happens if there are many more responses of wrappers that are received though there is no response of it online. The other possible reasons are the empty Vast Error responses, daisy-chaining existence, and even many more.

The publishers can solve such a Vast Error by following the given solutions:-

1. For accommodating the creatives, buyers can work with the publishers or the SSPs for increasing the limit of the wrapper.

2. Avoiding the chaining of daisy which is the process where the ad calls are passed from various networks to the other. Such a thing can cause various redirects from the video player before the media file of actual one return, or making the video player abort any of the requests of the ad.

3. Error 303

Such an error appears when the VAST of the empty one is returned. It is the error of the common one when the request of the ad is contained generally within the wrapper of a third-party.

Here is the way how you can solve this:-

The networks of the third party provide the fill rate which is less than 100%. For assuming the percentage of times that such an error appears, just do the consideration of the leftover % % of the fill rate.

For example, the promised fill rate by the third party network is 60% and there are changes of 40% of such an error appearance. The perfect way for the publishers for solving this is by enabling the fallback in the Google Ad Manager.

You can enable this by:-

Step 1

Firstly, sign in to the account of Google Ad Manager.

Step 2

Then click on the Video Settings then Video and then on Admin.

Step 3

Do the enabling of Video Fallback.

Step 4

Then click on the Save button.

4. Error 402

Such an error stands for the timeout that appears when the media file shows an issue in it. When the ads creative requires more time than the normal way for loading, then such an error appears.

Normally the VAST as the unit includes the creative that has problems that are large size, and it is not compatible with the platform for trying the services of it.

Such an error can be solved in the given ways:-

1. The publishers can do the increasing of the page by loading the speed through optimizing their website layouts. This can be performed through partnering with the ad network for example AdPushup.

2. Another solution that is possible is the increase in the limit of the video player’s timeout.

3. By adjusting the bitrate for serving on the mobile can do the solving of such an error.

The General VPAID Error

As it is the VPAID error, of the video advertising is taken, then it is the common error of all that the publishers have experienced till now. It is commonly known as Error 901 and leaves the publishers in confusion because it has various causes.

The few causes are:-

1. Wrapper timeout of VPAID.

2. The IMA Adapter Tag in the Exchange of Ad is for the use with the IMA SDK, but the VPAID ad od the returned of it. Error 901 will be the fatal error in such a case.

3.  The VPAID wrapper is not purchasing the video files.

The reasons can be much more than we listed above, there are various solutions on how you can solve them. Publishers have to make a proper check for which of the creatives of VPAID are using in support across all of the devices and the video players. Either VPAID is not able to serve the checking in the Google Ad Manager.

Here we have explained steps for fixation of it:-

Step 1

Firstly, sign in to the account of Google Ad Manager.

Step 2

Then click on the Video and then Video Creative Profiles and then open New Video Creative Profile.

Step 3

Perform the configuration of the video Creative profile as it is a requirement. Such criteria include Restrictions, Name, Bitrate, and Resolution. The setting of bitrate is optional. If more required, then under the Restrictions.

if the publishers are giving the allowance of the VPAID, the VPAID creative is served there, the setting off the bitrate becomes redundant as the ads are at possible bitrate for serving of them.

Step 4

At last, click on the Save button.

How do you define vast error?

An adaptation of Andrew Hussie’s ‘Homestuck’, Vast Error is a fan adventure. Founded in 2011 on MSPA Forums (before the site was shut down) by Austinado and Sparaze, and restarted on MSPFA in 2013.

303 errors are referred to as vast errors. What are they?

An empty VAST response generally causes this error. Third-party wrappers are generally responsible for this error.

Vast tags: what are they?

An ad server generates a VAST tag specifically for displaying video ads using a third-party script. With VAST, advertisers can reach multiple ad inventories within multiple video ad players by syncing up video players and ad servers.

Can you tell me what Vpaid is?

Video Player-Ad Interface Definition stands for Video Player-Ad Interface Definition. Video player ad interfaces and ad units work together to provide an interactive in-stream ad experience. Check out IAB’s VPAID page for more information.

Final Words

Here we have seen various errors and their solutions for the VAST error. There are many errors in the VAST that we have listed here. Give a read to all of them and find the one which you are facing. Also, go for a read on our more topics.

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