6 SEO Basics To Increase Traffic

These are some of the working SEO Basics in 2022 to increase your organic traffic from Goggle and Bing search engine.

Nowadays Blogging become the most important part of social networking and education for a  few years and more than 10 people from 15 have their own blog in different niches.

Having a blog is not important, the blog has sufficient traffic is important which allows the blogger to generate money and allow to become popular in different groups and communities.

In this Article, you going to read some best SEO Research that help you to boost your website or blog Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in a few weeks.

SEO Academic For Organic Traffic From Top Search Engines

In Blogging driving, Organic Traffic to your blog is a big challenge for beginners, start-up organizations, and online stores.

The best way to get traffic from search engines to write original contents, but Question is that how many you know how to write SEO Friendly Post which easily shows on the search engine.

You can drive a lot of traffic from your old posts by following tips for Page Optimization.

SEO Guide 2022
6 SEO Basics To Increase Traffic

6 SEO Basics To Optimizations Your Blog For Google Ranking

  • Analyzed pages
  • Link Building
  • Page Optimization.
  • URL Optimization
  • Site Optimization
  • Social Optimization

These above mention five optimizations will increase your website SEO.

1. Page Analysis:

The Basics of Page Analysis is to daily check your Google Page Rank and Website Speeds on the web there are lots of free website analysis tools by using them you can daily check your website SEO status. But I recommend you to use BoostMySEO, which help me a lot.

Link Building is the fastest way to boost your website Google Page Rank on Google and some other search engines. There are a few simple white hat SEO tactics by which you can build lots of high domain authority backlinks.

  • Man Moving Method
  • Broken Link Building
  • Gust Posting & Commenting
  • Requesting a Link

There are some other link building methods that you read in my post 10 Link Building Statistics.

 3. Page Optimization

In-Page Optimization, you have followed these 7 basics of Keywords

  • Keyword uses in the page title
  • Keyword uses in the body text
  • Keyword uses in H1-H6 headlines
  • Keyword uses in bold body text
  • Keyword uses in the meta description
  • Keyword use in the same domain anchor texts
  • Keyword uses in the alternative texts for images

When you put keywords in your post, you see results yourself within the first week. Read my post about Keyword Research

4. URL Optimization 

In these, you have made shorter the URL of the post, the short URL make a good impact on your post and it also crawls fast.

Using Keywords in URLs is the most successful key to increasing search traffic from search engines

Here is a few examples of Short URL (YouDomain/Keyword in Title)

5. Site Optimization

In Site, Optimization mainly depends on two things Domain Age and Site Speed.

If you have a domain older than 5 years then your SEO was good no matter what and second is site speed as I above mention about website speed.

6.Social Optimization

Social Networking is the most successful way to drive tons of traffic from social networking sites the best example of social networking is FossyBits.com which gets more than 70 % of traffic from social networking.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the commonly asked questions related to the SEO with complete information.

What are the basics of SEO?

These are some of the most common basics of SEO in blogging. Keyword research and targeting, On-page optimization, Information architecture, SEO content and link building, Technical SEO etc.

Can I learn SEO by myself?

Yes, you can easily learn SEO by yourself without having a hassle. Here are lots of online SEO course were available along with the blog based on SEO such as Backlinko.com, NeilPatel.com and many more from these blog you can learn basic and advanced SEO tactics that really work for blogging.

Does SEO need coding?

Well, there are is two types in SEO and that are On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. Sometimes, for technical SEO you need to know basic coding based on HTML and CSS but that way to easily to learn form internet with the help of YouTube and other online resources.

This is an end of this short guide, hopefully you find it helpful.

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