How To Make Extra Money While Blogging


Earn money while doing blogging is a great option from which you can make some extra money from Affiliate Marketing without doing anything there are a lot of companies that allow you to promote their website and products and earn money while doing this.

SEM Rush well-known keyword research tool which has more than a million users across the world. You can find the best high-paying CPC keywords for your website on SEM Rush for free and boost your blog earnings without doing anything. Keywords and Backlinks are the two most powerful legs of successful blogging.

SEM Rush is one of that company which allow you to make money from its Affiliate Program to earn money from this keyword tool, first of all, you have to Sign Up as a new member for free and then promote the keyword using banner and links on your blogs or in PTC ads website and your earn money when someone joins it as a premium member.

One more thing if you make a blog for earning money then there are a lot of opportunities for you such as you can earn money from Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing and promote products of online retailers companies such as

There are some other ways to earn money from home while doing nothing and that’s called money compounding with this you can double or triple your money in 24 months without doing anything and when you reached a minimum withdrawal account you can cash out using PayPal or Payza.

You can also be earning money with Paid-to-Click PTC ads with some popular websites such as PaidVerts and some other websites.

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Basics of Making Money Online While Doing Blogging

You can make money while doing blogging with these below-given ways.

  • Affiliate Marketing 
  • Promote Products from ClickBank or Amazon
  • Advertising 
  • PTC Ads 
  • Email Reading 
  • Compounding Money 

Basic of Affiliate Marketing to make a good amount of money monthly

To earn money from Affiliate Marketing its not necessary to own a blog or website to promote products. If you don’t own a blog in this case you can also make lot of money from several ways to promote products on some social networking websites.

Best Way to Promote Products :

Making Videos 
Guest Posting on Product related websites
Buying Ads Credit 
On Blog
On Comments 

From all the above ways, you can promote products and earn some extra money while doing blogging. Currently, thousands of peoples making a lot of money with a lot of affiliate marketing companies but on the top of the Affiliate marketing company is ClickBank where you can promote more than a thousand of products on your blog.

Sign Up Forums of Affiliate Marketing Sites :

Sign Up Free: ClickBank
Sign Up Free: SEMRush
Sign Up Free:  OneHourIndexing

Basics of Earning with Advertising: 

There are a lot of websites that offer you to earn with PTC ads and some other ways but lots of them are scams and you waste your money for nothing getting in return from the website. But there some advertising website which working for more than five years and paying their customers a good amount of money.
The basis of earning a good amount of money from advertising is to work with the best website which gives you higher earnings per view and some other ways to grow your account balance along with a minimum payout threshold.
There is a lot’s website which offers you to earn money faster from view PTC ads, with some other services such as taking paid surveys, playing games and earn money, give your opinion, performing tasks and earn money with it and some other.

Top 5 Trusted Advertising website with minimum Payout 

PaidVerts            –  $ 2 payout –  Sign Up Form
Clixense             –  $ 6 Payout –  Sign Up Form
Eden Traffic       –  $ 2 Payout –  Sign Up Form
Promote Products From Advertising website:
You can promote products from the above-given advertising website while earning with them. So you earn some extra cash with them.
How its Work?
First Sign Up in ClickBank and get a product link to promote and then on the advertising website buy some ad credits and display that promote link and when someone buys that product you earn some commission of that product sale.

Basic Money making with compounding investment

So, this is the best part of this article to earn massive money without doing anything and this method is called Compounding Money. If you want to want to grow your money by doing anything then the best way to do that is by Revenue Shares. Revenue Share is the share offer way adverting companies to earn money without doing anything.

How it’s Work?

There are lot’s advertising website offer revenue shares, but how you can make money with them it was quite simple. When you buy a $5 revenue share then after some time approx 25 days you get $7.50 without doing anything.

The advertising company invests your money in the customers and you give daily earnings from them and at fix time period your earn grows about 150% without doing anything. It was the most secure way to grow money.

But, there are a lot of websites are scam and they only take your money and return but there also secure and trusted company which return your money with profit. When customers just like you grow their money posted payment proof to increase website trust.

Trusted Compounding Money Websites :

Traffic Monsoon
HQRev Share
Eden Traffic

All there three websites working for more than 1 year and customers making lot of money with them without doing anything from their computer at home.


I hope now you understand how you can earn some extra money while doing blogging the main reason to post this article is that I am also earning extra money while doing blogging and now you can also earn it.

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