Blogger vs WordPress? What To Choose

In 21th Century,  Content Marketing is the most popular issue and keyword that searched on various search engines. So one of the best secure ways to earn online money is blogging in a single day more than 10 million posts were published vice various blogs.

What is Blogging? 

If you don’t know anything about blogging then read this short deification of blogging “Blogging is the way to express your views or tips on the web with photos and videos” for better expressing your words in articles.

Why Should I Start Blogging? Is Blogging is the best way of making online money?

Blogging is the platform where you have to daily update the content on your blog or what you like to blogging. But the problem is that “Blogging is the best way to make online money” yeah I view blogging is the best way to make a lot of online money.

How Can I Make Money With My Blog

When you started blogging and after some time when your blog becomes some popular on search engines and your blog generates a lot of traffic then you can generate more than $100 each day. But for making a lot of revenues from your blog you must write original content on your blog.
Because the popular search engine always crawls some original content. Make your blog look different from others put most search keywords on your blog which boost your organic search traffic.

AdSense is the best online adverting service powered by Google which allows you to generate tons of dollars with your content. There is also some another online adverting service which are ClickBankClixsense, Yahoo , Chitika some other.

Blogger or WordPress Which is one is Better to Start Blogging?

Now here comes the most important issue which makes you confuse that which platform you choose to start blogging. On the Internet, there are two most popular platforms to start blogging the first one is Blogger which powered by Google and second is WordPress.
Both are best for blogging, but there is some difference which I explain to you here
Blogger Vs WordPress

Blogger :

Blogger is well-known content publishing platform where you can publish your contents for free along with ( Although the blogger offers a beginner to start its blog for free with some free service which includes free cloud storage, free hosting, limited templates along with the changeable layout of blog and lot more.catalogueWordPress in

If you don’t know anything about blogging then you first try Blogger because it’s totally free of cost you have to pay for anything aspect your custom domain. Although a lot of professionals recommend you to start with WordPress the I recommend you to start with blogger and then move to WordPress.

Benefits of the Blogger :

  • 1GB of Free cloud service catalog
  • Easy Drag and Drop Changes
  • No Plugins Available
  • Easy AdSense Account
  • No FTP access

WordPress :

WordPress also the well-known platform for publishing your content and you can also start blogging from WordPress. According to the analysis report, 20%  of websites were powered by WordPress  in the global.

If you looking to start blogging with the best then I recommend you to used WordPress but it’s not free. First, in WordPress,a you have to buy a domain for $13 per year and then you need cloud WordPress hosting or WordPress dedicated hosting which available for $4.95 per month. Unlimited of templates and design. In WordPress, you have complete control on your website you can banner ads, affiliate ads and links and lot more.

I Recommended You To Use WordPress : 

WordPress is the best blogging platform which provides the lot of services which you can access on blogger. According to the report more than 65 million currently using WordPress website. If you thinking about the how to set upRead: WordPress multisite which is also simple compared to blogger.

For the beginner, it was difficult to choose  Blogger or WordPress both content publishing platform are different. But if you don’t want to spend any money on your then you move to blogger and if you want to build the official website then you start blogging with WordPress.

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