How to See Word Count on Google Docs (Enable/Disable)

Word Count on Google Docs: If you are not able to count the words that the editor has given you then you really require word count for it. In this world of writing, the word count really matters more than we can imagine.

Most of the publications do the determination of the qualifications of the writers of the knowledge they have. For the book writers, word count really matters. In the novel, the words should be 50,000 at least. The memoirs should not be more than the words of 100,000. Biographies should not be less than 200,000 Word Count on Google Docs.

As being a writer, you must be drafting in Google Docs. Therefore, it is necessary to have knowledge of it. Wondering for how to see Word count in Google docs, let’s understand it. Firstly, let’s see what is Google Docs and some information on it.

What is Word Count on Google Docs?

Google Docs is the platform for the word processor which you can access both online as well as offline. The requirements are only Google account and Gmail. The cloud-based tool provides a clean layout and also the various features to the users by which they can share, work, and collaborate from any of the places.

Google Docs can be used for various projects with various authors to work together through different locations. All of the participants can see who made the changes in the document and when they are performed. As documents are stored online and also be kept for offline type.

There is also no risk of data loss here. By the use of Google Docs, you can easily import, edit, create and do the updating of the documents along with the spreadsheets in various file formats, and fonts. You can also add their lists, images, tables, and formulas to it. The work performed here can be published as the web page or in the form of a print manuscript. Users can also control the documents as per their way.

How to View Word Count on Google Docs

As when the discussion is all about Google Docs, then it includes three types of writers. The one who views the word count after the draft completion Word Count on Google Docs, the one who prefers for the check of everything once, and the one who wants to view the word count by the full process. Counting the words is much necessary as you must know for about how many words you have made the document Word Count on Google Docs.

If you are in any one of these, then here we have the ways for viewing word count on Google Docs.

Step 1

On the upward side of the left corner of the given Google Docs, click on the Tools. Then scroll down to view the Word Count. A box will appear there as a pop-up that will show the words, a number of pages, characters, and also the characters that are excluded spaces in the Google Docs. Have a view on it and then click on the OK button for hiding Word Count on Google Docs.

word count on google docs

Step 2

It includes the second way for checking the word count in Google Docs. By using the shortcut of (Ctrl+Shift+C)it will open the box there.

Viewing the Word Count in Google Docs for the Chunk Text

Are you getting the hunch of the chapter of the novel a bit wide? It includes the way for checking the Word count on Google Docs without copying and pasting the text of the chapters in the document of separate form.

The highlight there the required text then do the selection of the Word Count on Google Docs under the Tools or by the use of Ctrl+Shift+C shortcut for popping-up the box.

The box will show you the various characters, words, pages, and also the excluded spaces as in the chunked text to the total number in the Google Docs Word Count on Google Docs.

Viewing The Word Count in Google Docs at the time of Typing

It is for the writers who want to view the word count when they keep on writing. As an editor gives the instruction for the keeping of the words under 1200. You are not finishing it and you draft for only 1,800 words and then you want to make various edits before submitting it to Word Count on Google Docs.

For that, you can either do the clicking on the Word Count or can go to the shortcut for bringing the box there. Then do the selection of the Display word count while typing. The small rectangle will pop-up there in the leftward side to the corner of the Google Docs which will show you the Word Count on Google Docs

display word count while typing

Click on the rectangle’s arrow for viewing of the number of pages, characters excluding spaces and characters. Then click on the arrow and do the selection of the Hide word count for getting out of it. When the document will exceed the words of 3,676, the rectangle will not be shown there along with the number of words. It will only show the View word count, and you have to click on it to view the details.

What is Not There in Word Count?

As most of the certain things in Google Docs are not there in its word count. None of the things are counted in the header, footnotes, or footer even if you do the highlighting of the words in such sections and do the selection of Word count. Also, Google Docs don’t count the symbols in its word count. Though it counts them as characters. The symbols such as /?) ( are not counted here.

It also doesn’t include the em-dashes. It irritates many of the writers. Keeping in mind, it only does the counting of em-dash as the word if it includes spaces or either part of it. If you will type like-this, then Google Docs will not count it.

The word count includes various words that are in long links. If we take an example, then is itself in a few words and they have counted the many words are there in the link. If you have the document with longer links that are shown in full then make a proper check that the word count may be higher then the given words due to link.

Estimate Reading Based on Word Count

The word count will help everyone in the estimation of the reading time. The rule of general estimation is for assuming that the average person can read up to 250 words per 60 seconds. Therefore the standard reading of document including 1,000 words will take four minutes for reading.

The reading speed will depend on the content. It will require much time in reading the complex content. The technical content with terms of unfamiliar items will require standard reading. Different persons require different speeds for reading.

You nay do the estimation of 200 words per 60 seconds for various contents to 300 words per 60 seconds for easier content. Therefore it is totally dependent on the type of person there is. Various people have various kinds of reading capabilities.

Wrapping Up!

Here we understood how you can check the word count in Google Docs. It is a necessary feature that gives the allowance for checking about how many words you have written. Go through with this topic and tell it in the comment section. Also, read our more topics.

Why does the word count not appear in Google Docs documents?

Open your document by going to the Google Docs website, signing in if you are prompted to, and then opening it. Choose Word Count from the menu of Tools after making your selection. Mark the check box to see the word count while you are typing.

What is the best way to count in Google Sheets?

Choose a cell that is empty, and then in that cell, enter the =COUNTA function, making sure to include the range of cells that you want counted. For instance, we made use of =COUNTA (A2:A11). Simply press the enter key, and the COUNTA function will immediately begin counting the cells in the spreadsheet that are not blank. You have now determined the total number of cells that have values in them!

What exactly is the point of including a word count?

While you type, Microsoft Word keeps track of how many words are in a document. Word also counts the number of lines, paragraphs, and characters on each page. Check the status bar if you have a question about the size of a document in terms of the number of words, pages, characters, paragraphs, or lines.

What is the average number of characters in a word?

When spaces and punctuation are taken into account, a typical word in written language consists of between 5 and 6.5 characters.

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