15 Best Private Browser for iPhone To Go Incognito

There is some best private browser for iPhone that is available which can an great alternative for the Safari browser to go incognito. Here we have listed almost all the web browsers available for iOS devices to use private browsing without having a hassle.


As safari may appear as the first and main one here, as this browser app is especially for iOS. This Apple in-built browser is much capable and can even leverage a few of the great features of the ecosystem of Apple. If we discuss, then the iCloud keychain can do the storing of and can sync the passwords of all the apple devices in avoiding the hassle of typing the passwords.

Private Browser for iPhone

Maxthon Cloud Web Browser

It is the most lightweight browsing app for iPhone which comes with a lot of features that are note-taking tools, ad blockers, and even many more. As it is the web browser of cloud-based, it gives the allowance for the syncing of data for both the Apple and the non-Apple devices.

maxthon for iPhone

Therefore, you can take your data ready to use most of the time. Various other features of this browser include the night mode for the use of browser at night and also enables the users to increase the productivity of this browser. The Maxthon has the extensions center which is full of the various cool extensions that will guide you in using this browser to the best.

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Brave Browser

As per the privacy, then this browser will be for perfection on the market and also blazes fast. As most of the other browsers require the configuration of settings or the installation of the extensions of a third party for the protection of privacy. The brave browser performs it by default. It is most recommend Private Browser for iPhone.

Brave For iPhone

It takes out the features of privacy and security that are script blocking, HTTPS everywhere, private tabs, and cookie blocking. Also, it blocks the ads, pops up the windows, and even many more. As it doesn’t load the scripts and tracks you but increases the speed of browsing. It is the best browsing app for privacy purposes.

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Puffin Browser Pro

If you will discuss the web browser of top-notch, then the Puffin browser doesn’t come in it. The best thing here is that the ability for shifting of the workload from the devices of resource-limited to the servers of the cloud. As per the result, most resource hogging websites will properly run on the iPad as well as the iPhone.

puffin browser

For security purposes, this Puffin browser gives the encryption in a stronger form to all the traffic through the app from the required server. It is for the safeguard purpose for the data against the hacking purpose. Not like the other browsers, it will not do the gobbling up of the mobile data on the device of iOS.

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Microsoft Edge

If you need the web browser which is away from the crown of Google Chrome and the one which is nearer similar to it, then it will be none other than the Microsoft Edge. As it is powered by the Chromium engine, then the working of Edge is much faster like none of them before.

Edge Browser for iPhone

As it is built in the chromium, then the version of Mac gives full support to the extensions of Chrome which is the best. It is also customizable in higher form and is even much faster. If people want to do the customization of the web browsers for better performance, then you will truly like this Microsoft Edge browser.

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Firefox Focus and Mozilla Firefox

As similar to Google and Apple, Firefox gives the allowance for the syncing of all the passwords, bookmarks, open tabs, history, of all the devices with the account of Mozilla. Firefox for iOS provides all of the goodness through Firefox to the desktop.

privacy browser for iphone

It performs like private browsing and provides the specific tricks of iOS. You can share the link through Firefox and Safari as the form of workaround for Apple which not allows the changing of the default browser on the iPhone. It takes the proper security of logins that are with the TouchID. Firefox also includes the inbuilt of reader view, which performs the removing of all the web page distractions and keeps in focus for the better experience of reading.

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Google Chrome

Google Chrome was launched in the year 2008 for desktop. From that time, it has emerged as the popular browser of all. If you will see to the Google ecosystem, as which many of us view it, then Chrome will do the syncing of all the bookmarks and also the history through all of the devices. It will also do the syncing of the opened tabs if you have signed in by the use of the same Google account on various devices.

Google Chrome

Chrome can also perform the translation of web pages, therefore you don’t need to worry about the other languages.  It also has the feature of voice search in it by which you can search the web b through the voice. The user interface here is better slick and people can also change it to the incognito mode.

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Opera Touch

As Opera Touch is nothing as rich as Chrome and efficient as Safari but is much handy for allowing the browser to work even faster. It is better without the hogging of various resources which is not same as the  Chrome. It allows for the searching through written text or by the voice.

 fast browser

The time when you are on the way and don’t find it better to type there, then the voice search will appear there in allowing for searching comfortably. It also includes the feature of smart barcode scanning feature which will perform the scanning of the barcode on the required product to look it online. As per the protection, it provides the end-to-end encryption to the data.

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Dolphin Browser

As the Android users must be familiar with this browser because it was the first one to bring the gesture-based navigation. The counterpart of iOS is also capable and brings out the various features to the same.

As it has the handline features, this Dolphin browser gives the allowance for the setting up of the custom gestures for the opening of the website or the managing of other various specific features of the dolphin Private Browser for iPhone.

Private Web Search

It synchronizes the history as well as the bookmarks. Also, it has the inbuilt feature of the QR code scanner and also it gives the support of night mode Private Browser for iPhone. It includes the switch of ad-blocking but it is disabled by default Private Browser for iPhone.

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DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

If privacy is at the upper side of the need, then this web browser of DuckDuckGo should be the first choice of yours. This browser has the first place of it in the privacy feature service and it enhances for better encryption so that the personal information will be properly kept safe for providing better protection against the hacking or by the hackers of data.

Privacy Browser

Through blocking of all the hidden trackers of the third party, this app ensures for the session of browsing which remains in the private form and also is way from the data trackers’ eyes. It also offers better customizations for allowing the browsing in accelerated form Private Browser for iPhone.

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Private Browser

For the web browsing in a secured and private form, you can easily go through the private browser. It has the feature of the interface in minimal type as it is the fastest browser of private for the iOS devices Private Browser for iPhone. Also, it offers unlimited free VPN on the iPhone. You can also do the use of apps for the surfing of the web in public places. It’s one of the best private browser for iPhone.

Private Browser iPhone

Moreover, this browser doesn’t do the logging of the activity and also not shares it with the third party. By this, you can do the browsing of the web with full relaxation. It gives full support for the reliable public policy which makes it the perfect browser for VPN for both iPad as well as iPhone Private Browser for iPhone.

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Ghostery Browser

The best lightweight browser it is which performs the blocking of all the scripts, social trackers, and the various other general trackers Private Browser for iPhone. This browser brings out the adblocking in a powerful form and also the protection capabilities of tracker the perfect protection of hours from being online tracked Private Browser for iPhone.


It includes the Ghost mode which provides privacy protection by the prevention of the website which you visit through the browser history. It is also better in the protection of the users from the phishing attacks. Also, it includes DuckDuckGo as the search engine in default form for the privacy addition Private Browser for iPhone. Though it is a bit low in its features but includes many helpful functions there Private Browser for iPhone.

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Onion Browser

It is a free and open-source web browser of Tor powered for iOS devices. As being the same as Tor VPN Browser, it allows for access to the Internet in a safe form at no extra amount.

Onion Browser iPhone

It gives access to the Internet over Tor and the protection of privacy from the hacking of the website. It secures the traffic from the wireless networks that are in insecure form and the ISPs and provides access for onion sites that are accessible over the For Private Browser for iPhone.

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Tor VPN Browser

If people want private access in an unlimited form towards the Internet, then this browser of Tor VPN is the best for them. It is the app that includes the various features including both VPN+ TOR and allows for the selection between ease and speed of the use of VPN connection tunnel.

Private Web

Other than the unlimited access which is tunneled to the Internet over the network tor, this browser performs the detection of and also blocks the pop-up and deletes the cookies in an automatic form. It will be worth pointing out many of the features that are hidden there. Though it requires the payment of secure Internet access Private Browser for iPhone.

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Aloha Browser

If you need the proper privacy and are looking out for the browser with the unlimited VPN of inbuilt free, then this Aloha browser is best for you. It is the browsing app that focuses on privacy and also performs the hiding of the footprint on the Internet. It’s one of the commonly used Private Browser for iPhone.


As people take the experience, the interface here is better concerned and it is a bit similar to Google Chrome. The various features of the Aloha browser include the free -ad web surfing and also the VR player of in-built form which allows for the playing of VR videos and even many more. You can also do the selection of the premium version of Aloha and can get various other features Private Browser for iPhone.

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Wrapping Things Up

Go through with this topic as it will tell you the various browsers for iPhone. Give us a comment on this and then read our more topics for better knowledge. These are some of the best Private Browser for iPhone and other iOS devices Private Browser for iPhone.


Is there a hidden setting for the iPhone?

You have the option of opening secret tabs by using Private Browsing Mode. These tabs will not be shown in the History section of your iPhone or in the list of tabs on any of your other devices. hit the button labelled Private that is located in the middle of the Tab bar at the bottom of the screen.

Is Safari incognito safe?

No. The private mode of Safari, just like the private mode of any other browser, won’t shield you from the majority of the dangers that lurk online. Your IP address will still be viewable by a great number of people and organisations that are not affiliated with you.

Which private browser offers the greatest level of security?

Although Chrome is now the most safe browser on the market because to its security features and patching, Olejnik considers Mozilla Firefox to be the most effective browser in terms of protecting users’ privacy. Therefore, Firefox is an absolute need for those who use a multi-browser approach to enhance their level of anonymity.

Why is there no option for private surfing on the iPhone?

Unfortunately, there is no way to utilise the Private surfing option on an iPhone while still being able to impose limitations on Adult websites or any other websites. The only remedy available at this time is to make sure that Allow Unrestricted Access is turned on for all websites on your iPhone when you are surfing privately.

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