Keyboard Ghosting: Meaning, Benefits And Much More

Keyboard ghosting: In reading up on different keyboard types (such as membrane keyboards or mechanical keyboards), you’re likely to encounter terms like anti-ghosting, keyboard rollover, and more.

How and why does keyboard ghosting happen, and what does it have to do with anti-ghosting keyboards?

We’ll tell you everything you need to know about keyboard ghosting, how it happens, and how to avoid it. Keep reading to learn more.

How Does Keyboard Ghosting Work?

The ghosting of a keyboard occurs when a key you press does not register, and therefore does not carry out its intended function.

In all honesty, this issue has been around for ages. Even casual web surfers and computer users might not have noticed keyboard ghosting, but it is an actual issue. Users of specialized applications on computers are more likely to experience this problem. Typers who use several shortcut keys can be considered.

Video game players who have to press a few keys together to perform specific actions may also encounter this problem from time to time, but it is rare.

Keyboard ghosting is most affected by programmers and developers, who frequently use multiple critical combinations at once.

It’s no secret that ghosting occurs when you press more than one key at one time in most keyboards. On most keyboards, the maximum number of keys is three.

Ghosting isn’t as common because we tend to press one key at any given time when we use a keyboard. When you press one key, it doesn’t rollover.

How Does Keyboard Ghosting Occur?

In knowing what ghosting is, we have to ask the question of why it happens. Let’s take a quick look at how keyboards work to understand this. Let me explain a few basic concepts about keyboards in this article. Understanding why ghosting occurs will help us to avoid it in the future.

Designs For Keyboards

There are usually wires under each key of a keyboard, which form a grid. Wires, by default, are not connected. In any case, the circuit is secured when you press a key, and the software can discern what key you demand based on the connection.

Multiple keys indistinguishable from each other

Although several keys may be pressed simultaneously, a keyboard will be able to identify them uniquely. Some key combinations may confuse a keyboard.

keyboard ghosting

How to Test Keyboard Ghosting

Your keyboard seems to ghost, so you wonder if you need to check it. Checking keyboard ghosting may be difficult, so here are some guidelines. Type in WordPad

The keyboard ghosting test gets interesting now. There are several factors to consider when performing keyboard ghosting tests.

In our case, we want to see if our keyboards can press and register more than three keys simultaneously. It’s pretty simple to do; just open WordPad or any text editor and create a new document.

Then you will press multiple combinations of three or more keys and watch how many of them are typed. Your keyboard does not have ghosting if they were all typed.

Nonetheless, some keyboards will use better switches and technology for specific sections. In contrast, the technology for other areas might not be as good, so some sections might ghost while others may not.

An Onscreen Keyboard For Checking

An excellent way to test keyboard ghosting is by using this method. Start by going to the computer and opening a new window. One of the things about on-screen keyboards is that they highlight which key is being pressed at the moment.

If all your keypad keys are highlighted, there is no ghosting, but if only two or three are highlighted, and you press more, that indicates your keyboard has ghosting.

WASD keys and the Ctrl, Shift, Alt keys sections may sometimes ghost when used together. Be sure you are also pressing other combinations to determine if your keyboard is not rolling over keys or just slightly.

Anti-Ghosting Keyboards: What are They?

We face a fundamental issue in keyboard designs, so how can we solve it? The good news is that manufacturers can fix ghosting issues in three different ways.

  • In some keyboards, the wires can be rearranged to eliminate these problems so that commonly used key combinations do not cause interference.
  • Pressing key combinations should be made more intuitive with extra wires.
  • Each key can be registered individually using a diode.

It is probably the simplest method, but it only partially solves the problem. Ghosting is moved to a different set of keys, which are less frequently used together and may not be noticed. Most anti-ghosting keyboards use this method.

As a result of the second method, the problem is solved. Additionally, adding more wires will increase the cost of the keyboard since it requires more circuitry. Another option is to use diodes, but they are costly to add to every key on a keyboard.

What is The Solution To Keyboard Ghosting?

Since this issue cannot be solved with software components, there aren’t any hard and fast solutions. A hardware issue requires a hardware fix instead of software.

It can be challenging to repair the keyboard’s hardware, and some people find it too much hassle. There are, however, a couple of solutions to keyboard ghosting that you can try.

Remapping Keys

Because of the design of the keyboard and the reason for its use, there are some keyboards with different sections that are entirely ghost-proof. If you experience keyboard ghosting on one area of the keyboard, you can swap that section with one that does not ghost.

If the other side does not ghost, you can remap the keys to the other section using third-party software and not experience any ghosting.

There is almost always an advantage to this method, but it is inefficient since it takes so long to master. You can, however, use it if you must.

Purchasing an Anti-Ghosting Keyboard

Second, you could ditch the bad ghosting keyboard in favor of a modern N-key rollover keyboard that is high-quality and anti-ghosting. Anti-ghosting refers to the ability to press every key of a keyboard and not have any rollover issue or experience any anti-ghosting.

The problem with anti-ghosting keyboards is they are typically expensive. A ghost-proof keyboard will undoubtedly make things easier for your computer usage if you can afford it.

Anti-Ghosting Keyboard Benefits

Using an anti-ghosting keyboard is a great idea. Despite their high price, they also come with many advantages and benefits. In this article, we’ll examine how anti-ghosting keyboards can be beneficial.

  • In the case of typists writing an article or working on a writing project, all keys used will be registered, and your work won’t be slowed down for too long.
  • As a gamer, you want your keyboard to provide fast-paced action. Anti-ghosting keyboards prevent ghosting if you’re pressing multiple keys simultaneously at a crucial stage in a multiplayer game.
  • Programmers and those working on an IDE may sometimes need shortcuts for introducing code templates and Emmet elements. Due to the anti-ghosting, you can press as many keys as you want.
  • The registration time for anti-ghosting keyboards and the response time of commands that return are generally faster than standard keyboards. When we’re on the computer, we seek efficiency. That’s what this allows us to do.
  • When ghosting occurs on keyboards, no keypress is lost.

In anti-ghosting keyboards, you don’t lose keypresses regardless of the combination of keys, so you can use the keyboard more efficiently, create better shortcuts, and have a faster overall experience.

  • Usually, premium keyboards that offer better features, such as anti-ghosting or N-key rollover, feature anti-ghosting. Naturally, these keyboards have great features, customization options, and components you can use to make your keyboarding experience better. These are all reasons why you should get an anti-ghosting keyboard.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the keyboard ghosting with complete information.

How do I stop my keyboard from ghosting?

In order to stop ghosting the keyboard, you need to perform the following steps.

1. Avoid using a control method that necessitates a large number of simultaneous key pushes.
2. If game pads are available, use them.
3. Allow the player to remap the keys to discover a set of keys that aren’t ghosting for their hardware.

What is ghosting on a keyboard?

When numerous keys are pressed at the same time, ghosting occurs, which causes some keyboard keys to stop working. Keystrokes that do not appear on the computer or appear to have vanished are said to be “ghosted.”

How do I know if my keyboard is ghosting?

To uncover problematic combinations quickly, press and hold ASDW (the most common keys for moving around in games), then press each other keys in turn while holding those down. Try releasing some of the ASDW keys if you locate a key that doesn’t work.

Do mechanical keyboards have ghosting?

Term for a Mechanical Keyboard A glossary of mechanical keyboard words including definitions, explanations, and examples. When an unwanted key press is sent, this is known as ghosting (a “Ghosted” character). This is usually handled in firmware by restricting the amount of key pushes that can be made at the same time.

This is the end of this short guide.


Keyboard ghosting isn’t the most remarkable sight when you are working on a project or playing a game. Even though this isn’t a common issue, handling it can make life a whole lot easier. It was discussed in this article how to prevent it from happening.

This guide should have taught you a lot about keyboard ghosting. I hope you will implement these tricks to get rid of it. Thanks for getting a ghost-free keyboard!

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