iPhone Blacklist Check To See If Its Stolen

Wondering, how to iPhone Blacklist Check done using the internet. Then don’t worry, here we share a step by step guide to check if the iPhone backlisted or not.

What is the iPhone Blacklist?

iPhone Blacklist is a backlist checking process or service with the help of it. You can easily check any iPhone is reported to the operator as blacklisted. Basically, this happens only when the iPhone is stolen or lost. The unlocking of the iPhone is impossible is such a case. So the iPhone blacklist checking is only done by the network carrier provider.

How I Can Check if My iPhone Blacklisted or Not?

There is some website on the web, that allows any iPhone users to check it their iPhone is blacklisted. In case if you’ve purchased a new iPhone from a non-official apple store. In this case, you must check if that iPhone blacklisted or not.

If you’re agreeing to purchase a used iPhone, make certain that it has not been recorded to the police as lost or stolen and the IMEI figure is not blacklisted. Phone with forbidden IMEI can be blocked by your motorized carrier.

Here some websites listed to check iPhone Blacklist Checking.

Things Required To Check iPhone Blacklist Status

You needed to have an IMEI number of that iPhone that you’re going to buy. In case if you don’t know how to check IMEI number on iPhone or another smartphone in USA.

Follow these steps to check IMEI number in iPhone

  1. Pick the iPhone that you’re going to purchase
  2. Now open the dialer pad on iPhone and type *#06# 
  3. Dail the code to see the IMEI number of iPhone.

iPhone Blacklist Check: Step by Step Guide

Once’s you’ve the IMEI number of the phone you can easily check its blacklist status using the websites that we have listed in this article.

Step 1:

Open web browser into any smartphone (make sure the internet in turn on).

Step 2:

Now enter this website address https://www.imei.info/iPhoneBlacklistCheck/ or open the above given links.

Step 3:

Once the website is loaded. Look for the search bar where you’ve to enter the IMEI number of phone.

Step 4:

After entering the IMEI number of iPhone hit enter.

Step 5:

All Done.

After enter the IMEI number of that used iPhone that you’re to buy. You can see on your device screen if that iPhone is blacklisted or not.