What is ICCID Number and How to Check it

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What is the ICCID number?

The full form of ICCID is an Integrated Circuit Card Identifier. It includes the characters of about 19-20. It is used for the proper identification of the SIM cards. At the time of activation, users have to ensure that they are in use of the proper SIM card which is in the association with the IMEI of the device. This information is located at the slip pack.

Location of ICCID number

The ICCID number can be found in the

  • Sim card.
  • On the given card which places the SIM card at the time of inserting it to the device.
  • In the slip of packing which is with the SIM card or with the device.
  • In the menu of Settings with the device.

Using the ICCID number

ICCID number is asked for the:-

  • When the users are doing the activation of the new line of the mobile service of its Spectrum.
  • When any of the issues are there with the features of specific types with the device.
  • At the time when users have service of various lines and have to get the confirmation that which of the device the SIM card is in assign with.
  • if the time when the device is inactivation with the different SIM card or the swapping is done of the SIM card between the different devices.

Issuing of ICCID Number

The various sets of numbers in the ICCUD are the whole in dependency on the designation form of the industry of the card. The various portions of ICCID are in generation with the sequential form of issuing of the mobile network. In most of the cases, the manufacturer of the SIM the carrier may generate to the numbers.

Here are the steps available in knowing the ICCUD number in your device.

Procedure: Checking the ICCID number

Step 1

Firstly, open the settings in your device. It is available as the grey color app in your device which can be easily found on the home screen.

Step 2

Now click on the General option.

Step 3

After that, select the option of About.  It will display the table with different kinds of information about the given device.

Step 4

Do the searching of the ICCID number in the appeared table on your screen. You will find the Sim number to the right side there. When the users will get to know about the ICCID number they will get the allowance to check the compatibility of SIM card to the different devices that the users want to switch. If not, then the users have to get a new SIM card for themselves.

iccid number

Step 5

Check that the ICCID can also be there for the use of tracking of the phone. It is easy to perform this in your device.

The IMSI and the IMEI

IMSI stands for the International Mobile Subscriber Identity which is used for the cellular network for the identification of a specific form of the line that the users can get for the plan of which it is attached. If the users have the SIM card in their devices, then they have to establish a type of connection by which the network is identified by the IMSI.

The three digits of the starting of the IMSI are the MCC which stands for Mobile Country Code. The other three digits are the MNC which stands for Mobile Network Code. The other kinds of digits are the identification for the line of service or the term as per the subscriber.

IMEI which stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity is in print with the usual form of the device along with the component of the battery. It is the unique form of number which gives the identification of the Device for the network when the checking of it is done against the global type of IMEI database.

Wrapping Up

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