Lenovo Warranty Check – [Step by Step Guide]

Want to know how to Lenovo Warranty Check is done.

Everyone knows about the fact that the devices along with the appliances have the warranty brand for the minimum time limit of one year. If any of the defects or the improper functioning occurs in the device within the time of the warranty period, then the device is taken for repairing without any of the cost required for it.

Most of the customers have a deep focus on the product which they are buying but not the warranty of the brand. It is necessary to check both of the things at the time of purchasing them. For instance, if the users are buying the laptop of Lenovo, then they have to make sure about the checking in the proper form of Lenovo warranty so that users may understand what it has and the duration of the given coverage.

Checking Lenovo Warranty Online

For the performing of Lenovo Warranty check, Follow these given below steps.

  1.  Click on the web page of  Lenovo Warranty Check.
  2. After visiting, click on the option of a check warranty.
  3. Then enter the device IMEI or the given serial number and then submit it. It is much simpler to perform.

Plans for the Extension of Lenovo Warranty

The better way to make your life perfect because the device is with the extension of the time with the warranty plan of it. If any time your device breaks after the expiring of the Lenovo warranty, then the users have to spend a heavier change on the repairing of it.

  • Other than this, for the great relaxation, users must buy an Extended Warranty Plan. The starting of it begins immediately after the warranty of Lenovo expires and it covers every kind of defects along with the malfunctions in the given warranty period of it.


  • The warranty plan begins from Rs. 1000 for every kind of Lenovo laptops within the budget of 20000 and is the best thing that offers the users free picking and dropping that is inclusive of the given price.


  • From any of the place users will buy the Lenovo laptop, they will offer different kinds of warranty time to the users. They will give time for the repairing of it or the guarantee of replacement of it.


  • All of these will be for the fraction of the Lenovo price. It is a great idea taken by the companies to offer such a perfect warranty plan to the users. Also, if we discuss then the repairing of all kinds of Lenovo laptops is done at the center of Lenovo service.

Things to be Noted While Taking Lenovo Warranty Check

Here are the few listed things which the users must note while looking towards the Lenovo Warranty Check:-

  • Repair or Replacement Guarantee

Check whether the company is offering you the repair service of the device and is promising you the deadline for it. If not this, then look for the replacement service of them.

  • Quality Repair of High Formation

Do the checking of the type of quality they are giving for the repairing of the device. See whether they are looking properly for the selection of the spare parts or not.

  • No Wastage of Time

As most of the time is wasted in the paperwork of the various documents that the company asks the users to fill at the time of repairing. Check that it is not there and users are free to access for the repair without any of the paperwork.

  • Refunding within a month

The authorization of the service centers may offer the best thing about the refund of the money for improper service. It is necessary to have for the check by the users.

  • Free picking as well as the dropping of the device

Check that the services are given for free picking of the Lenovo devices and dropping is also for free. The doorstep service of them will give better services to the users.

  • Better home service

For the appliances of larger forms, check that the technicians who are coming to pick the devices are much professional. It is necessary because the professional technicians better know how to pick the larger appliances and how to take them for the repair.

Wrapping Up

I hope this information made the readers understand how to get the proper Lenovo Warranty Check for their Lenovo Devices. Tell us as feedback in the comment section below. Also, read our more topics for more info.

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