How To Speed Up OneDrive Sync on Windows 10

If you’re regularly using OneDrive one of the free secure cloud storage services owned by Google, using Windows 10 in your machine then totally fine because there are some benefits in OneDrive under using Windows 10.

So, When you start uploading a file in your OneDrive account you see your internet connection speed was reduced and that is totally annoying because you can’t open any web page nor download anything until the uploading is complete.

But there is a way, We discovered a super powerful way to boost up OneDrive uploading speed from which you can upload your personal document on your OneDrive account in less time although it (depend on the file size).

OneDrive has already announced an increased Sync client performance in which you can upload 10GB files to your account.

How To Boost OneDrive Upload Speed on Windows 10 

Follow the given below step-by-step guide to improve your OneDrive account uploading speed. Basically, the improvement in sync performance can boost your upload speed check out how.

Step 1:

Go to your OneDrive account and choose Settings.

Step 2:

Now in the Microsoft OneDrive window, Click on the Performance tab.

Step 3:

Select the square box next to “improve upload speed by uploading files in batches.”

Step 4:

Hit the OK button and close the window.

Now when you upload any file you see some uploading speed you improved compared to previous uploading speed. If you using Windows 10 then you must switch your Microsoft Account to a local account to get throttle uploading speed in OneDrive.

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