How To Fix Error 0x8007000d In Windows 10

Previously if discuss how you can easily fix error 2147500037in windows 7 and some other bugs fix on your computer. After upgrading Windows 10 lots of windows users facing problems due to errors. Microsoft developers working to fix these error via updates available on your Windows 10.

So, In this article we talk how you can fix error 0x8007000d in Windows 10 on you computer in few steps without any trouble. According my research lot of windows 10 user getting this error after running security updates.

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Some Windows 10 users dealing with these error running troubleshooter but that’s not helpful and can’t find a proper way to fix the 0x8007000d error in Windows 10.

We discover the proper way to fix this error in windows 10, just the given below step by step guide to fix error this error on your machine.

Fix Error 0x8007000d In Windows 10

You can easily fix this error with a simple method which I will tell you in this article.

Step 1: 

Run Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM) tool in Windows 10 to check the issue.

Step 2 : 

Now open Command Prompt by pressing (Windows logo key + X) or from Start Menu

Step 3 : 

Type this command line in command prompt and press enter button (Command take several minutes for the operation complete).

dism.exe /online /cleanup-image /scanhealth

Step 4 :

When you get this message “The operation completed successfully” than type second command line in command prompt.

dism.exe /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth

Note : When you run these two command lines, DISM tool uses Windows Update to provide the files that are required to fix corruptions. 

If the issue was fix this above steps than you don’t have to worry and if not than there is second method from which you can fix this error. To fix  Windows Update Component you must rest the Windows Update Component in Windows 10.

To know more about how you easily  Reset the Windows Update Component visit this official support page of  Microsoft.


I hope this article will help you to fix the 0x8007000d error on a computer machine running on Windows 10. These two methods are helpful for you to fix this issue easily.

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