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How To Switch Microsoft Account to Local account Windows 10

How I can change Microsoft Account to Local Account In Windows 10 Home!

Microsoft allows its user to revert their official account to a local account to get some features and programs. When you upgrade your computer to Windows 10 from the default you currently have Microsoft Account because it is required to upgrade to Windows 10. It was too easy to switch your Microsoft account back to a local account in few steps if you don’t how then read this article.

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Why I Switch My Microsoft Account To Local Account

There are lots of benefits of using Microsoft Accounts such as synchronization of files and browser history and a lot more. Some Windows users prefer to log in separately independently from any other online accounts.

You can convert your local account to Microsoft account without any permission or any other process and this converting process was proceeding on your computer.

Convert Local Account To Microsoft Account 

Microsoft allows its users to switch their login account in few steps, and you can also switch your local account to Microsoft account to enjoy benefits.

Step 1 : 

First of all log into your Microsoft Windows Store from your computer running on Windows 10

Step 2 :

When you successfully login into your local account its says hey (Mack) and you can switch your email address

Step 3 : 

So, you can easily switch your local account with Microsoft account

Now come to the point in this article will going to tell you how you can revere your Microsoft account to your local account.

Convert Microsoft Account To Local Account 

It doesn’t matter if you have a Microsoft account for a while you can revere it back to the local users to stop the annoying process of the Microsoft account.

Just follow the given below guides to switch back to the local users.

Step 1 : 

In Windows 10 go the navigate to the Account Menu (you can also open your accounts via control ) but it was a long process. So just type “accounts” in the search, box in Windows 10 Start Menu.

Step 2 : 

Now in your Windows 10 Account select “Change your account picture or profile settings”

Step 3 : 

When you open your account in Windows 10 you see the Microsoft email address was active on your Microsoft Account.

Step 4 : 

Below that email address, you see a labelled link “Sign in with a local account instead” open it

Step 5 : 

You have to confirm your account and that required your Microsoft account password and Click Next

Step 6 : 

Now you can enter a new local username and password and Click Next

Now at the last page is all about confirmation that you successfully change your Microsoft Account to a Local Account in Windows 10. You can confirm by login into Windows Store with the local username and password.


I hope this article will help you to switch your local account to Microsoft account and a Microsoft account to a local account in few steps. Sometimes Microsoft asked you to change your Microsoft account to your local account to access some services.

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