How to Check iPhone for Virus or Malware

Check iPhone For Virus: So, how you can check iPhone for viruses or Malware. As, if we discuss the iPhone, then it is a bit rare that iPhone also gets attacks by malware and viruses. Though it happens only when the clicking on the unknown link happens or the downloading of an app occurs which you have not done from the App Store.

Other than the Check iPhone For Virus, it may misbehave in the regular app which you use and the result is that iOS gets infected and it requires performing some of the things to fix it. Along with this, it may harm your details that are stored in your device.

How To Check iPhone For Virus

We have listed a few of cure from the Check iPhone For Virus which you can easily perform in your iPhone device.

Check iPhone For Virus

Check the Battery Performance of iPhone

It is a better idea for Check iPhone For Virus the usage of the battery over a month. It is because the increase in battery can tell that any of the issues can cause the Check iPhone For Virus to come. If the battery usage of your iPhone is going in a wrong way, then it can be an indication that your device is maybe attacked by the malware which is burning the data at the background of your device.

For that, follow the given steps:-

Step 1

Visit Settings and click on the Battery option there.

Step 2

All of the apps with the usage of battery there will be shown in the listed form.

Step 3

When you will perform the tapping on the Show Detailed usage, you will get the background used in the form of breakdown of the foreground. If you get the app of which you don’t even know, then do the removing of it.

Check Crashed Apps

Most of the time the apps get crashes, but this is a rare situation. If a few apps are crashing in the repeated form, then take a proper check that you keep updating them. Such of the particular apps keeps on crashing, then delete them and again download them. If more than one app crashes, then the malware may have attacked them.

Perform the given steps for it:-

Step 1

Firstly, open the App Store located on your iPhone screen.

Step 2

If it asks, then enter there the ID of Apple as well as the Password.

Step 3

Any of the updates if available there, then tap on the option of Update All.

Check the Unknown Apps

The apps that are infected by viruses look similar to the original apps therefore be aware at the time when you check the unknown apps.

Follow the given steps:-

Step 1

Do the swiping of the screen and view the apps which you don’t even remember at the time of installation.

Step 2

Check iPhone For Virus

Step 3

For viewing the list of each of the app that you have installed there through the App Store, then do the tapping on the Apps icon which is there at the downward side of the given store, click on the photo, and then on the Purchased. If it includes the app of the phone which is not there in the list, then it can have malware in it.

Check of the JailBroken in iPhone

As the JailBroken performs the removing of the in-built restrictions in your iPhone and it leaves it vulnerable for the unapproved app installations. If you have done the purchasing of the iPhone through any other form, then it may have JailBroken it for the installation of the malicious software. Here we have the steps for its check:-

Step 1

Firstly, open the search bar on your iPhone device.

Step 2

Then type there cydiain the given search bar and then tap on the Search. If any of the apps named Cydia occurs in the results there, then the iPhone is in jailbroken form.

Check of the Pop-up Ads in Safari

If you are getting various types of pop-ups at the time of browsing in the iPhone, then the symptoms of malware may not be there in it. Take a proper check that you have blocked the pop-ups in the Settings, check there that the problem gets diminished. If the pop-up is still there, then with the same form, the issue is there.

Overheating of the iPhone

Various things can result in the iPhone to cause overheating. In such cases, it can occur as the virus.

Drainage of the battery in a Fast Way

It can be there for various issues, from the apps that are taking the battery to be decline due to age. There can be a chance that any of the malware is there in the background without the knowledge of you.

Getting Rid of Virus on the iPhone

If you want to get rid of the iPhone virus then can easily apply these methods to remove malware virus on your iOS devices without having a hassle.

how to remove iphone virus

Turning off and Restarting the device

Step 1

Do the holding down the button of power of the device till the slider appears there.

Step 2

Then slide there and turn the iPhone off.

Step 3

For restarting, hold down the button of power until you get the logo of Apple.

Clearing of the History & Website Data

Step 1

Firstly, open the Settings on the device and then tap on the Safari.

Step 2

Then tap on the Clear History and then go to the Website Data.

Step 3

Do the confirmation by tapping on Clear History and Data.

Resetting of the iPhone as the New One

If you are thinking that your iPhone includes malware in it, then your iPhone requires the iCloud or iTunes reset. The steps here will give you allowance for the iPhone to start with the factory settings and with no malware.

Step 1

Visit the Settings and then open General in it. Click on the Reset option then erase and then All Contents and Settings.

Step 2

Enter there your passcode for confirming the reset.

Step 3

The process of it will require a bit moment to get complete. Then perform the set up of the device as the new one.

Restoring of the iPhone from Backup

You can perform the restoration of the backup to the device for removing the Check iPhone For Virus. You can restore either the backup of the cloud or the iTunes backup to the iPhone. If the backup of recent one is corrupted or if for any reason you can’t restore, then the result can be that it has Check iPhone For Virus or malware. Therefore, restoring is necessary for the other backups to the device.


For the protection of the iPhone from malware as well as virus, keep updating the iOS in a regular form. It can be worth waiting for the updating of the operating system it appears like you are relaxed with the latest version. It is a good way for making the switch possible soon.

The updates of the operating system are a way for Apple in the introduction of new features and the fixation of bugs and also keeps the Security to a higher level. When any of the security breaches or the possibility gets detected. Now you know how to check iPhone for virus or malware.

Then the programmers of Apple get to tighten up the work in the armor of the iPhone. Go through with this topic and tell us in the comment section of it. Also, read our more topics for more info.

How will I know if someone has hacked into my iPhone?

Indicators of a hacked smartphone include unusual screen activity that takes place while you are not using the phone, abnormally delayed startup or shutdown times, applications that abruptly go down, and a rapid rise in data consumption.

Is there a method to check to see if a virus is present on my phone?

Downloading a mobile security software application is required in order for you to do a virus check on your Android device. The majority of phones do not arrive with an operating system pre-installed. Due to the fact that Android is an open-source platform, users have access to a wide variety of virus scanners, one of which is McAfee Mobile Security.

Is it possible to hack an iPhone via a website?

Because iPhones may be hacked via websites, it is important to use antivirus software to search the internet for potentially harmful websites.

Are there any known websites that may infect an iPhone with a virus?

It is exceedingly unlikely that a website, the internet, or any other external source may infect your iPhone with a virus or other malicious software.

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